Momento Beach in Marina di Carrara, Italy / by no_made architettura

The willingness to create a volume with minimal impact was one of the bases for the intervention project: the effort to create a lightweight container, transparent, “camouflaged” in the context guided the volumetric and typological choice with the goal of achieving a result of remodeling of the environment. It is indeed a shaped parallelepiped, completely transparent on three sides and blind only on the back which houses the support services to the business place. The roof is flat.

The main structure is designed in metal frames painted in sand color, in the same tone of color is the outer skin of the building in a horizontal metal slats, while the inside face is covered in natural wood that is also in horizontal slats. The empty spaces are assigned to the glass. The choice of colors and materials, metal, wood and glass, allow to not weigh down on the site with a heavy and definitive structure but rather suggests the idea of “temporary”, of a volume that can be easily handled. For this reason it was thought to a bolted structure, simply rested on foundation.

Country: Italy
City: Marina di Carrara
Type: Commercial – Bar – Restaurant
Construction year: 2010
Site size: 270.00 mq
Building area: 108.00 mq
Building Length: 14.65 m
Building Width: 7.40 m
Building Height: 3.80 m
Number of Floors: 1