The LLUM Skyscraper, New York / by Luis de Garrido

Skyscraper THE LLUM

[Google-translated from Spanish]
The history of skyscrapers “The Llum” has its origin in September 2001, in response to international architectural competition that aims to management of lower Manhattan in New York as a result of the disaster a year ago.

Skyscraper THE LLUM

The contest is a perfect opportunity for Luis de Garrido develops in detail his ideas for achieving a high level of sustainable habitat in high-rise buildings, including all known systems to ensure the welfare and safety of its occupants.

Skyscraper THE LLUM

Skyscraper THE LLUM
Low Manhattan Developement Corporation
New York. United States
’46 45,479 m2 (each of the two skyscrapers)
195,667,900 euros

Download La Llum.doc [in Spanish]


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