Roca starts beating in Madrid… / by Saeta Estudi

Roca starts beating in Madrid... / by Saeta Estudi
by Saeta Estudi

Brand Roca has recently opened the new Roca Madrid Gallery, a stunning open space for cultural activities related to design. Its motto “Roca starts beating” is inspired in a project by a studio of architects, Saeta. It recreates a huge heart organ of more than 2 tons weight and more than 3 meters height. The idea? Show the heart behind Roca’s values.

Roca starts beating in Madrid... / by Saeta Estudi
by Saeta Estudi

Press Release

Roca starts beating in Madrid…

Roca’s new flagship space gives a new beat to the brand and the city.

Madrid, April 12th 2011 – After the successful opening of Roca Barcelona Gallery in 2009, Roca unveils its new space in Madrid with the collaboration of architects Lamela and Saeta Estudi.

Roca Gallery began as an exhibiting space, but also as a space open to the city with an exclusive cultural program. Under the brand values of innovation,
design and sustainability, Roca shows its most humane approach with Saeta’s installation, re-interpreting the heart, in the Madrid and Lisbon editions.

Roca Madrid Gallery opened on April 12th in Madrid’s Lamela showroom building, divided in 2 floors making 1,200 m2. The motto “Roca starts beating” is inspired through Saeta’s proposal that recreates a big heart made of more than 3,200 porcelain hooks. These emblematic pieces by Roca represent, in more than 2 tons, the weight of the brand’s tradition.

The 4 meters high structure dominates the 75 m2 display window and appears to beat with strength, providing the space with great architectonic beauty. This particular vision of the organ aims to show the heart behind Roca’s brand values through the 16m. x 5m. window to the soul.

This project strengthens the relationship between Roca and Saeta that started some years ago. In 2008, Saeta designed the Roca experience in the CasaDecor Madrid and Barcelona editions, followed by “The White City” that won the ASCER Interiors Award in 2009.

In the following months, Roca Madrid Gallery will host temporary exhibitions open to the audience, such as “Building the City” (showcasing the Architecture
European Awards from the Mies van der Rohe fundation), “The Bathroom, a historic retrospective,” showing the bath space evolution and “Aral. The Lost Sea,” curated by Spanish director Isabel Coixet .


Project concept & development:
Bet Cantallops and Pere Ortega, Saeta Estudi.
with the special collaboration of architect Fernando Ansorena

Heart prototypes & production:
Fabián Asunción and Soledad Revuelto, AiR Maquetas y Proyectos
with the collaboration of engineer Lucio Altana and artist Roberto Pozuelo

Window display: Leona (Madrid)