Archetto, a New Concept in Furnishing / by Sybarite

Archetto, a new concept in furnishing / by Sybarite

For Marzorati Ronchetti the architects of Sybarite design a new multi-functional concept which can be used for entertainment, business, leisure, fashion…

Archetto, a new concept in furnishing / by Sybarite
by Sybarite

The concept: starting from the necessity to furnish an area of relatively small size, while equipping it with a series of seating options which are functional and welcoming at the same time, a sculptured arc was designed surrounded by some satellite bodies and decorative elements.

The central structure manages not only to maximise the space available, but also acts dynamically by stimulating people to get close to each other and thus encourage interaction and conversation.

It is called Archetto and is conceived as an independent module which can furnish a multi-functional environment. In fact by means of a few simple decorative elements a coherent environmental identity is created.

The arc gradually expands until it becomes a kind of wrap-around backrest, to allow privacy but without creating a real barrier.

Designed to be an autonomous island, equipped with sockets to recharge mobile phones and computers, Archetto is simultaneously open and closed, a visible and a private place.

Archetto, a new concept in furnishing / by Sybarite
by Sybarite

So it is a very versatile concept which can be tailored by the inclusion of loudspeakers and a wireless connection, to meet all needs in a single space.
These technical features, when combined with the enticing look and design, make Archetto suitable for bars, restaurants, public areas in hotels and also places of entertainment.

It can be tailored in terms of colour and also in terms of its technology, and so Archetto is a single solution to a very wide range of needs.

On the walls of the room, white metal panels amplify the depth of the area and are decorated simply with a series of magnetic hangers: black swallow tails which highlight the relationship between depth and surface.

A work desk, chairs and low tables complete the room’s furnishings, distinguished by the simplicity of the lines and the contrast between black and white.

Archetto, a new concept in furnishing / by Sybarite
by Sybarite

Technical features:
Archetto is made of high density polystyrene covered in fibreglass and shaped by a CAD-CAM project, with a gloss paint finish. This technology makes the structure very light and, being divisible in 5 modules, it is easy to assemble and transport. A series of sockets is housed in the metal base of the structure.


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