All About UK Architecture #Part 1

In this post, I want to talk all about UK’s different architecture styles, inspired by those that have been published in this blog during the last three years. Some of you may find this post useful, especially if you are planning holidays in UK. However, do not expect it to be a complete architecture travel guide. Next year would be the best time for travelling in Great Britain as the 2012 Olympic will be held over there. Please note that the 2012 Summer Olympics (the Games of the XXX Olympiad) are planned to take place between the 27th of July 2012 and the 12th of August 2012.

First of all, let’s have a look at the London 2012 Olympic Stadium. Designed by HOK Sport and Peter Coo, the stadium uses sustainable materials which can be recycled. Many of those materials could also be re-used after the games for other purposes.

Next, I want to bring you to the past times by visiting the Caernarfon Castle. The Caernarfon Castle was built in 1283 in Wales, and needed 47 years to complete the construction. Deigned by Master James of St George, the castle was believed to be inspired by the Theodosian Walls of Constantinople (today’s Istanbul). The four towers were connected by a linear wall. The castle was renovated in 1890. And if you want to feel a bit of the past more deeply, I think you should look for castle accommodation and experience the atmosphere of the glorious past.

And for those of you that may need a hotel, and who like new experiences, I would like to suggest the five-star Riva Hotel by Foster + Partners. Situated on Bath Road, close to Heathrow Airport, the hotel which is wrapped in a unifying glass envelope, hosts 577 rooms, six pavilions, a flexible 1200-capacity ballroom, two auditoriums and a large conference room, a bowling centre, a health centre with a pool, gym, saunas and treatment rooms. The hotel has been scheduled for completion in 2012, good timing, right? Ok guys, that are for now. For further tourism information UK, please use Google and came back later for the 2nd part of my stories.

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