Saunas Complex on Vistula River in Warsaw / Bud Cud

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SAUNA project establishes ecological revitalization of a fragment of the right shore of Vistula River in Warsaw. The site for saunas is an area between two bridges: Slasko-Dabrowski and Gdanski. The proposal for multifunctional program contains: sauna complexes for both male and female, outdoor jacuzzi, outdoor pool for soaking into, leisure terrace and a restaurant. In the future we are planning to extend the proposal with other attractors such as ‘a floating pool’ or additional sauna complex. To anticapte this bright development, it’s a nice investment idea to find Luxury homes for sale in Warsaw (Luksusowe domy na sprzedaż Warszawa).

The leisure center SAUNA has been designed respecting the context. We tried to establish an universal scheme of a building which can be adapted to any fragment of the shore of Vistula River. The scheme not only adapts to a whichever site, but also minimizes intervention into its topography and helps maintaining savage state of nature.

Warsaw city has beautiful perspectives. On of the most astonishing is from the right shore of the Vistula River towards the city center. That breathtaking view decided on the location of our leisure center right there, on the right side of the River Vistula.

The leisure center SAUNA project consists of central core-joint and additional longitudinal pavilions that hold attractors inside. The core serves as a lobby, where is the information point and a box office. Each of the pavilions is dedicated to a different function – one is a sauna complex, another is a restaurant, the latter is its back-up zone.

The core also has additional leisure functional zones such as an island full of jacuzzi or a club zone. Pavilions function as a series of functional areas. Each one has a unique perspective view. Every pavilion is extended with balconies, terraces or stairs. They extend the view, letting us get closer to the nature.


Mateusz Adamczyk
Agata Woźniczka