Rock Office, Vietnam / A21 Studio

Rock Office, Vietnam / a21 studio
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Project description of Rock Office, Vietnam by A21 Studio:
Located at a soft ground closed to a canal in Binh Thanh District, HCM city, this office is required to design to meet functions of an architecture & construction office as well interior showroom. In additional, a lowest construction cost is also a client’s concern due to short term rental of this site from 5 to 10 years only.

Under those circumstances, the idea using cheap local materials, easy to construct in a short-time and re-used ability was raised as a key design direction. The curved stone-walls made by many piled-up-steel-cages contained rocks inside to reduce horizontal force seem to be a suitable solution for this project. Furthermore, they also create the interesting spaces with different views to gardens as seeing from both inside and outside.

Rock Office, Vietnam / a21 studio

Rock Office, Vietnam / a21 studio
© a21 studio
Rock Office, Vietnam / a21 studio
© a21 studio

Rock office
– Location              : Binh Thanh district, Hochiminh city, Vietnam
– Principal use        : architecture & construction office
– Structure             : stone wall, concrete slab
– Number of stories : ground floor and mezzanine
– Site area              : 473 sqm
– Building area        : 217 sqm
– Total floor area      : 317 sqm
– Design period        : 2006
– Construction period : Aug 2006 – Jan 2007
– Construction cost : 100USD/sqm
– Photographs by : a21 studio

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