800SHOW Creative Park by logon

800SHOW Creative Park by logon

Description from logon:
The Background
As today’s key producer of knowledge, ideas and innovation, the creative industry plays a key role in today’s economy. Governments across the world, including the Chinese, are making great efforts to create an environment in which the creative industry can flourish. Shanghai, aiming to become Asia’s top creative city, has been central to this boom. To this day, more than 200 creative industry parks can be found in the city. Typically located in disused industrial buildings – and thereby preserving relics from the past – creative parks are havens for the young, future-oriented creative industry. As of right now, Shanghai lifestyle is transforming from an industrial into a post-industrial metropolis. The creative parks are a clear indication of this transformation and the social effect on locals will be tremendous.

Among the creative parks in Shanghai, special status is given to 800SHOW because of its central location and the design that preserves and emphasises the various original characters of each of the 15 buildings, but also adds some modern elements. The main 800SHOW Event Hall, which was newly opened towards the street, invites people to experience and participate in a new urban area and lifestyle – the rebirth of the old.

800SHOW Creative Park by logon

Dutch Culture Centre – Official 2010 Shanghai World Expo Venue

On March 6th this year, the Dutch Culture Centre (DCC) officially launched the first of its two 2010 Shanghai Expo pavilions, located at logon designed 800SHOW creative park. Holland is the only country with two Expo pavilions and is dedicating its 800SHOW location to display both Dutch and Chinese arts and culture for 6 months. The venue will also host numerous events and exhibitions during the time of the expo.

Building Transformation

Until just recently, the previous Shanghai People’s Electrical Machinery Plant was abandoned and neglected over years. Built up in various styles for different kinds of uses, over a period of more than 50 years, most buildings were in desolate conditions. Locals and the owner could hardly imagine that this ensemble can be revived.

800SHOW Creative Park by logon

Project Overview

800SHOW Creative Park, a 20,000 sqm former electrical machinery plant in the heart of Jing’An District, Shanghai, encompasses 15 buildings built over the span of 50 years. These include the dominant 120m long factory hall with its ornate wooden roof/beam structure, colonial-type villas dating back to the 1920-30s, and office buildings built in the 1960-70s which are completely surrounded by a blend of highrises and Shikumen houses. Each building was renovated with designs highlighting the individuality of original construction. The park was renamed “800SHOW”, a clever combination of the street number on Changde Road, which happens to be a lucky Chinese number, and the Chinese character “秀” (xiu) in honor of the shows and performances the park will host. As an emblematic complex, this park can be identified as a ‘place with face’, a place for leisure and rest and a ‘place with pause’. Traditionally, local creative parks served one function, namely creative industry office space. In this proposal, we put forward the idea to combine inter-related usages completely centered around the rapidly growing creative industry.

The 800SHOW Hall

With the dominating location at 800SHOW Creative Park, the 120m long 800SHOW Event Hall, formerly a electrical machinery plant hall, stands newly renovated with its exposed original wooden roof structure, open to the street. The new, majestic glass façade becomes a clear landmark, branding the place and giving it a strong new identity. The design fully respects the hall’s original character while implementing advanced technologies to create an ideal space for fashion shows, music performances and many other shows.

800SHOW Creative Park by logon

The Creative Office Cluster

Further in the back of ths site, offices perfectly tailored for the booming creative industry, galleries and bars find place in different buildings and on roof gardens. The combination of modern office building and old Shanghai-style housing makes the space both attractive and functional, while preserving the atmosphere. The creative industry office space boasts high ceilings, raw materials, and other stimulating remnants of the previous factory structure, perfect for the new, young creative industry.

800SHOW Creative Park by logon

Private Creative Spaces

The Leisure Plaza

The leisure plaza, surrounded with unique, renovated 80 years old colonial-style villas, offers a public space for exhibitions, galleries and dining venues. As a ‘place with pause’, the open space of the leisure plaza gives a calming atmosphere for workers to chat, relax and recuperate from a hard day’s work. It also serves the 800SHOW Hall as catering and service facility.

800SHOW Creative Park
Jing’an district, Shanghai, China

Client: Shanghai Jinggong(Group)Co.,Ltd. Shanghai 800SHOW management Co., Ltd.
Architect: logon
Site Area: 1.5ha
Building Area: 22,000 sq.m
FAR / green ratio: 1.47/ 9.7 %

Design period: Nov.07-Dec.08
Construction Period: May.08-Sep.09

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