Proposal for The Island Holmen in Risør by Gudmundur Jonsson Architects

Project description by Gudmundur Jonsson Architects:
The Holmen Island in Risør has for some time been a shipbuilding yard and a site for different industrial activities and containing as well a dock for boats. Initially the site was natural with a slope hill and a small fortress.

The proposal is an attempt to recreate the Holmen Island in Risør as the ”hill” it represented in initially, but now as a more urban one. The green natural landscaping is reestablished from the past and turned into recreation spaces in this development. The building pattern is created in order to give an optimal combination for the contact with the see and simultanously giving the green recreation spaces the same connection with the see and the beach-promenade. All the flats get a seeside-view and a connection with the green spaces.

The parking is centered in the middle under the ”hill”, creating it. The Architecture is based on an interpretation of modern yachts and sailboats as this represents the original culture of Risør and the island Holmen.


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