LOG Selected as Finalist in Sukkah City 2010

Abrahams May Architects has been selected as one of the 12 finalists whose entry will be built in Union Square, NYC on September 19, 2010. Their entry, entitled LOG, addresses the scale of the typical s’chach roof found on Sukkot. Typically the s’chach roof is an assemblage of branches, small sticks, and other plant material. LOG exaggerates the scale of these members into one piece that is able to provide shade for the inhabitants. As a means of showcasing this element, the walls become four pieces of 1″ thick glass, with no other columns, so the LOG foundation floats above. The two programmatic devices: a table and a candle, are elegantly hung from above.

Above all, the design shows a simplicity of concept, impeccable craft, and a restraint against excessive assemblages.

Vote for LOG through New York Magazine online: www.nymag.com/arts/architecture/features/68062/

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