Black and White Houses, Kuwait City by AGI Architects

Project description of Black and White Houses:
These six houses by AGI Architects, located on Kuwait, are the result of a set of random overlapping volumes, resulting in an image of great unity.

The use of two contrasting colors and complexity of formal houses, prints a dynamic and an identity, giving each space a unique and unexpected interpretation. This way of juxtaposing volumes and apertures creates interesting privacy relations between dwellings.

The timidity of its front windows contrast with the glass of the crumb in patios of the houses. They are mainly responsible for the dramatic design of light and shadow. The irregularity of the volumes does the rest.

Upon entering, we quickly realize the spatial richness of the spaces that transport us to a new world inside, where light invites us to stay. This is an exercise of great accuracy in complexity of the living spaces for the reserved Arabic way of living.

Photo credit: Nelson Garrido PHOTOGRAPHER

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