Project description of HOUSE 804 by H ARQUITECTES:
Located in a pleasant residential neighborhood, the house is a compact building (it is virtually a cube) surrounded by a 3 meters wide perimeter courtyard (minimum mandatory gap based on current regulations). The yard, the swimming-pool and the shed set at the back of the plot are preserved by express wish of the developers.

The perimeter courtyard functions as an outside lounge which is connected in different ways and intensities with any interior pieces of the ground floor. It shows various qualities and uses depending on the way the façades of the house face: on the south, a sunny garden is connected to the kitchen. On the west, the main access. On the east, an uncovered parking place from where to access to the kitchen. On the north, a light pergola has views over the garden and the swimming pool.
The courtyard is made up of different elements (closures, pavements, pergola, etc.) that work as a whole. Vegetation will finally stamp in time the ambience and character pretended.
The house and the courtyard are made of black concrete block, a material that resolves both the load-bearing wall structure and the façades, which do not have either interior or exterior coating.

In the outside, pavements and walls are made of concrete block as well.


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