Merlot Condominium Singapore by KNQ Associates

The Merlot Condominium explanation from KNQ Associates:
The homeowners love for The Renaissance cultural movement formed the starting point for the design of this high-rise apartment. This European note begins at the entrance, where we wanted to create a sense of adventure and anticipation.

The living room was designed to be a formal reception room, boosting a somewhat neutral color palette – gold, beige, black and white. Stones – a classical material – feature on the floor and furniture, working in tandem with ornate wall beading and frames to create a sense of drama.

The music cum guest room retained a traditional look to provide a visual connection to the living room, but with a warmer, bolder color palette of gold, white, black, red and purple. There is a degree of monumentality in the master bedroom, which fits the theme perfectly.

The Merlot Condominium is located at Keng Lee Road, Singapore