Fish Restaurant Bebek by GAD Architecture

Detailed-information from GAD Architecture:
In collaboration with Dara Kirmizitoprak. The restaurant is located on the shore of the Bosphorus, with a main access road running behind it. The existing structure on the site is a 3-story 1,500m2 house. This will be renovated to serve the new function as a fish restaurant, with a capacity of 500 people. The house is wrapped in elegant steel ribbons, which add the possibility for more functions to the site. The canopy structure begins to envelope the structure at the entrance door, where it serves as a canopy. It then splits and wraps the roof, serving multiple functions as an emergency stair and a bar. The terraces are divided in three levels, and are covered with elements of the same ribbon. The careful leveling and sculpting of the ribbon provides views for all the customers.

Morphing and transforming, the ribbon also turns into a porous wall. Here it provides for separation from the neighboring site while also allowing for light to penetrate inside. In the evening, the strands serving as canopies for the terrace in the daytime are transformed into light bands and change the mood of the restaurant entirely. Glass panels allow the illuminated sea waves to be seen from the tables.


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