Vertical Confluence by Jiang Yuan & Xu Yang

Proposed by Jian Yuan & Xu Yang, the Vertical Confluence awarded a special mention in the 2010 eVolo skyscraper competition. In fact they we have continued working on this project after the competition. So now they want to share with you the final completed version of this project:

A skyscraper at Paris
— At a local scale, it is a fundamental element of a radically rethought urban space. It is imbued with a desire to reform.
— At the scale of the city, it assumes a role in punctuating the city.

The site
The tour is located at the Confluence of la Seine and la Marne, it is one of the key points of the Parisian topography.

A skyscraper defined by context
Three ‘frames’ represents three rivers trends from the site: to the center of Paris, east of Paris (Vincennes) and south-east of Paris (Ivry-sur-Seine).

The building is designed to be the Chinese culture center in Paris. According to the different characteristic of the vertical context at different heights, three public programs are been proposed.

At the top of the tour a museum, facing the full skyscape of Paris through an open facade is created; while the background of the exhibition is meant to create a conversation between the different cultures.

At the middle of the tour, you can find a library facing the “bois de Vincennes”, Paris’s biggest green space.

Finally, in the bottom part of the tour, there is an auditorium facing the outside theatre, offering a showcase to both inside and outside.

With the arrangement of the local circulation, connecting the other facilities at the other sides of the confluence, — a public green space and a sport center,at this moment, the skyscraper become a landmark building surrounded by the public facilities , gathering all the locale residents .

We believe that a skyscraper can be a contemporary answer to the historical city context, it can not only well intergrade in the existing urban tissue but also emphasize the rhythm of the historical urban structure.


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