Hong Kong Design Institute by Johnstonmarklee

Hong Kong Design Institute

Project information by Johnstonmarklee:
The proposed 60,000 square meter Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) is conceived as an iconic presence for the school and the community. As an 8 story building amid surrounding high-rises and mountains in the distance, the HKDI offers a new building scale for the site. Stacked and offset building modules provide not only structural stability and an economical means of construction, but also allow for unique juxtapositions between indoor and outdoor spaces. Classrooms, exhibition spaces, and lounges are interspersed with open air terraces and cascading balconies. A grand public space nested within the building provides a stage enriched with art, entertainment, academic activities, and the animated flow of students and visitors who move through the building.

Hong Kong Design Institute

Hong Kong Design Institute Competition, Hong Kong, 2006


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