Bank of Ningbo/China by gmp Architects


Designed by gmp Architects, the Bank of Ningbo includes two towers covers 103,000 m2 of floor area. The construction of the building will start this year and scheduled for completion in 2012.


The site is located in the financial district of the CBD that forms part of the New Eastern Town in Ningbo. The design proposes two towers, offset from eachother, connected by their mutual base structure, that accomodates lobbies, bank branches and staff catering facilities. The upper floors are reserved for office use only.

The design of the facade follows the tri-unity of the towers, transparent glasing alternates with darker solid lime stone cladding. the central glassed areas allow panoramic views from inside the lift lobbies and corridors. on the outer building parts the windows are drawn together over 3 floors to support the building ‘ s vertical appearance.


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