Rammed Earth Blossom House

Conceived by Clifton Schooley & Assoc. Rammed Earth Designers & Builders, Rammed Earth Blossom House uses insulated rammed earth walls to raise the profile of this green building material. Rammed earth is ancient wall building technique that uses material similar to concrete aggregate but is put inside forms when damp and then compressed layer by layer. This gives the walls a layered effect that can mimic sedimentary rock. When insulated and stabilized with cement the walls are not only strong but are highly energy efficient.


The single family residence is designed for luxury living in an earthy environment. Connecting the interior of the home to outside is a key element of the design with a door to an outside patio in every room and lots of glass. The sweeping roofs are shaped like leaves and the horizontal section of the roof is covered with plants. Structural glass is used throughout the residence, particularly in the slots between the wall sections to create interesting light changes on the walls throughout the day.


For energy saving features the home uses: Geothermal in-floor heating, solar hot water heating, efficient appliances and solar electric for critical functions.

More of this concept design can be viewed on Clifton’s Rammed Earth Blog

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