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Archive for January, 2010

Transbay Transit Center Project in San Francisco


The Transbay Transit Center is a $4 billion project to replace the current Transbay Terminal with a multi-modal transit center serving ten transportation systems. Located in downtown San Francisco, the new terminal will serve both bus and rail and will include a 5.4 acre rooftop park.


Munch Museum Norway by On Office


Submitted by On Office for an invited competition, this Munch Museum design proposal covers 31,500 m2 of area includes museum and hotel. The project is located in Oslo, Norway. From On Office: The museum will be made visible in the city through a powerful intersection in the building structure. This intersection will be located in the Opera Street and connect the Station Common and the Akerselva Common. In this intersection the areas for the general public and some exhibition spaces will be visible; the museum’s interior will become a part of the city’s exterior. The intersection will also create a hall that will function as an arena for changing artistic events. The new Museum will present itself with accessibility and visibility of art/artistic events.


The Next World’s Tallest Building Would be Built in Miami

Miapolis Tower Miami

The design of a highrise building has been proposed by Kobi Karp for Miapolis. Located in Miami, the building would be almost 200 metres higher than the current world’s tallest building ‘Burj Khalifa‘. When completed (though not sure when it would start), it would stand 975 metre tall to house an amusement park, observatory, restaurants, 1.96 million sq ft of shops, over 1000 apartments, 1 million sq ft office space and a 792 room hotel.


The New Face of Stockholm at Slussen


Designed by Foster + Partners in collaboration with Berg Arkitektkontor for the City of Stockholm, the new face of Stockholm project covers an area of Stockholm adjacent to the navigation lock between the Baltic and the freshwater Lake Mälaren. Revealed at Slussen Masterplan public exhibition, the project will offer new public spaces, an accessible quayside, pedestrian and cycle routes, and a Water Square as the central feature.


Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cixi Town


Designed by SOM, the Crowne Plaza Hotel has unique facade and shape as you can see in the pictures. When completed the building will have a total of 53 floors and will stand 208 metre tall, it’s less than one fourth of the Burj Khalifa. The base of the building is a triangular podium and the main body of the building features a distinct shape of three diamond-shaped tower connected each other using sky bridges.


The World Will Need More Space Architect in 2030


UK Goverment encourages young people to prepare theirself to gain the skill and training in the field of space architecture. This field is predicted to be in high demand in coming years and likely to be a fast growing industry by 2030. But if you watch the movie James Cameron’s Avatar, I think we don’t need to touch anything in the Moon Pandora, it’s simply beautiful by nature.


New York Korea Center by SAMOO


Located on East 32nd Street between Park and Lexington Avenues, the New York Korea Center will be an eight-story building covering 33,000 sq foot of floor area. It includes spaces for exhibitions, performances, lectures, and administration. The design of the project has been selected from an international competition which the lucky guy is SAMOO Architecture PC. The building has a unique facade incorporataes a multi-layered glass illuminating three sculptural figures within, representing Heaven, Earth, and Humanity. The construction is expected to begin later this year.


Linked Hybrid, Beijing by Steven Holl

Linked Hybrid, Beijing by Steven Holl

Designed by Steven Holl, the Linked Hybrid complex covers 221,426 sqm, consists of 644 apartments, public green space, commercial zones, hotel, cinemateque, kindergarten, Montessori school, and underground parking. Mentioned as an “open city within a city”, the project promotes interactive relations and encourages encounters in the public spaces that vary from commercial, residential, and educational to recreational. The Linked Hybrid is located in Beijing, China, and designed to qualify for a LEED Gold certification, the second-highest LEED rating obtainable.