The Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi

The Yas Hotel by Asymptote

Designed by Asymptote, the Abu Dhabi’s Yas Hotel is part of the 36-billion-dollar Yas Marina development and accompanying Formula 1 raceway circuit (see picture below). The project is scheduled to open in October 2009. Sited on 85,000-square-meter complex, this hotel has 500 room and 5,800 pivoting diamond-shaped glass panels.

Hani Rashid describes the building’s design and its architecture as: “a perfect union and harmonious interplay between elegance and spectacle. The search here was inspired by what one could call the ‘art’ and poetics of motor racing, specifically Formula 1, coupled with the making of a place that celebrates Abu Dhabi as a cultural and technological tour de force.”

The Yas Hotel by Asymptote



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  1. Why does it looks abit like esplanade building in Singapore??

  2. It’s true Ira, does look similar to Singapore’s esplanade.

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