Huaxi City Center in Guiyang, China

huaxi city centre

The masterplan of Huaxi City Center was designed by MAD. And to develop each part of the masterplan, MAD invited young international architect to collaborate with. It was happen last summer in three-day workshop with unique design approach and result. After 15 years of urban development in China, they want an alternative future for the next cities. One thing that they avoided is copying the skyline of Western cities such in Manhattan and Chicago.

huaxi city centre

Each architect provided a unique design for a single part of the masterplan, based on their own understanding and interpretation of the local natural and cultural elements. The result is a series of organic individual buildings, growing from the natural environment, and working together to produce a compound of diverse urban activities. In this high density urban environment, the limits of urbanization are controlled and set by nature; the buildings take on the dynamic topography of the site, touching the landscape in a more interactive way.

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