J. M. Tjibaou Cultural Center, Numea

J. M. Tjibaou Cultural Center, Numea

Located in Numea, the J. M. Tjibaou Cultural Center is composed of 10 houses. It’s designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano and sited in direct contact with the ocean. Renzo brought great concept into the center, he want this project as a work taking care of nature, a humanistic realization where history, architecture, archeology and social sciences are brought together.

The Center, rather than a museum, is very much like a “promenade” unfolding outdoors as well as indoors. The realization of the cone-shaped structures confirms the close connection between the memory of the Kanak culture and the adoption of modern techniques. This relationship between old and modern ,interior and exterior, produced by the Piano’s typical sensibility and a good application of natural ventilation and illumination, give us a sense of great harmony.

Tjibaou Cultural Center renzo piano


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