The Classic Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas


Designed by Ragnar Qvale architect, the Sahara Hotel and Casino, has been opening since 1952. During the long period the building has been renovated couple of times but the classic style and the historic flair still remain, thank to the architect who worked to preserve historic building. Mr. Qvale was born in Norway but he immigrated to America with his family at age 13. Then he studied architecture at the University of Washington. Ragnar Qvale was died on September 20, 2001, he was 86-years-old.

Located on the Las Vegas Boulevard, the Sahara Hotel and Casino is known as the landmark Las Vegas property, it means the Sahara is the most wanted hotel by tourists who visit Vegas for having fun. Sahara Hotel and Casino is celebrating its fifty years of having fun. And as most of people know, since its establishment, top American and European stars including the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe to Elvis Presley have performed live in the Hotel.

saharavegas interior

As a state of the art hotel and casino with high historic value, the Sahara Hotel and Casino is the most landing place by people who searching for Las Vegas Deals, Las Vegas Weddings, and Las Vegas Packages to have classic Vegas experiences at its best.