Restructuration the Eiffel Tower Paris By Serero Architects

Redesigning the Eiffel Tower

Serero Architects’s proposal has been chosen as the best design for the restructuration of the well known Paris’s ladnmark, Eiffel Tower. The competition was done to celebrate the 120th birthday of Eiffel. The restructuration expand the floor area by 375% and utilizing carbon kevlar as the main structure.

Generative Design

The design is based on a generative script, creating branches out of the primary structure of the tower. Inspired by the structural concept of Eiffel of three-dimensional cross bracing beams, the script unfolds along curved lines the “DNA” of the tower. The script used the existing structure at the top of the tower ( a 10 by 10 meters cube) to generate 3 structural weaves, which are interconnected. These layers are combined to create a woven complex, which is based on the redundancy and the non-repetition of patterns to increase its structural performance. In opposition with modern engineering (based on the concept of repetition and optimization), the project for the Eiffel tower extension is based on an alternative model of high performance.

Redesigning the Eiffel Tower