The Future of San Francisco (in The Next 100 Years)

hydro-net san francisco

A Hydro-Net city concept was proposed by Iwamoto Scott Architecture for City of the Future competition held by The History Channel. And his concept chosen as the winner and he awarded the $10,000 prize, not bad.

Expert’s Corner: Commentary by Richard Meier

“The number of urban dwellers is expected to rise sharply in the future.
Addressing this fact, this vision for the future of San Francisco proposes a new network of infrastructure below the surface of the city that will help the region maximize and distribute its resources. Called ‘Hydronet,’ the system will not only provide tunnels for a new generation of hover-cars, but also collection and distribution systems for water and power. The proposal identifies places where drinkable water might be harvested from both the sky and the earth, where heat might be extracted or dissipated deep in the strata below the city, and where new hydrogen based energy might be generated from algae fields. The city’s signature waterfront is repopulated with a series of eco-towers that animate the skyline and are linked to the network of infrastructure.”

hydro-net san francisco

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