Jubilee Church in Rome

Jubilee Church

Designed by Richard Meier, the Jubilee Church located in Rome and serving more than 8,000 residents. As a church and community center, the Jubilee was designed with modern formalism in mind but still adopts historical integrity in order to revitalize the decaying residential fabric.

The perceptual volume of the church is directly influenced by natural light since the zenith light and the glazed skylights between the successive shells are continually responsive to the changing pattern of light and shadow as the sun moves across its trajectory. According to the season, the weather, and the time of day, light is variously graduated down the inner surface of the shells thereby imparting to the church, the chapel and the baptismal fount a particular character, making it a perfect canidate for postcards printed with some Shutterfly coupons to look back on in the future.

Jubilee Church

Via Architectook

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