National Beijing Olympic Stadium “Bird Nest”

Beijing National Stadium

Also known as Bird Nest, the next National Beijing Olympic Stadium located on a gentle rise in the centre of the Olympic complex. It is designed by Herzog & de Meuron (The winner of 2001 Pritzker Prize) with the help of contemporary Chinese artist, Ai Weiwei as an artistic consultant for design. This stadium is prepared for the 2008 Olympic Games in August 2008.

I like the pure structure design concept which the facade and structure are identical, simple the best concept i have ever found. As mentioned by China Newsweek, this stadium has been redesigned in late 2004 to slash the construction bill from the original 3.89 billion yuan to 2.3 billion yuan.

Beijing National Stadium

Beijing National Stadium
(By Elizabeth Dalziel, AP Photo)

Beijing National Stadium
(Image taken from Wikipedia)

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