Top 25 Urban Elements Design Listed by Monocle Magazine

Reported by City Slickers, “Monocle believes that the measure of a city is everyday wonders – pavements, well-designed schools, punctual transport – rather than one off,, grand projects. Here’s our list of the top 25 urban elements that make a city”. Singapore is the only one from South East Asia, here are the complete list (and play the video for the illustration):

1. Airport road, Singapore,
2. Bike lockers, Chicago, USA,
3. Trams, Various cities, Europe
4. Outdoor cinemas, Athens, Greece
5. Well-designed apartments, Steinhausen, Switzerland
6. Urban landscaping, Melbourne, Australia
7. Child’s play, Tokyo, Japan
8. Summer houses, Copenhagen, Denmark
9. Street clocks, Prague, Czech Republic
10. Green space projects, New York, US
11. Fire station, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
12. Public loos, Tokyo, Japan
13. Wi-Fi spots, Malaga, Spain
14. Perfect park I, Stockholm, Sweden
15. A modernist mall, Miami, US
16. City swimming, Copenhagen, Denmark
17. Cosy high street, Sydney, Australia
18. Perfect park II, London, UK
19. Police boxes, Tokyo, Japan
20. Covered market, Barcelona, Spain
21. Signage, Berlin, Germany
22. Street seating, Barcelona, Spain
23. Railway station, Filisur, Switzerland
24. Bridge, Paris, France
25. Seamless integration, Tokyo, Japan.

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  1. […] I wasn’t able to track down the full text (all the old links to it are broken, no surprise), but here’s part of it, and here is a bare-bones list of the 25 examples. […]

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