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Manchester Civil Justice Centre in England won RAIA Award

Manchester Civil Justice Centre in England

Located in England, the Manchester Civil Justice Centre was designed by Australian architects Denton Corker Marshall. And as mentioned by, this law office building has won the RAIA Jørn Utzon Award for International Architecture. According to the jury, the design of the complex advances a range of ideas about how an institution with hundreds of years of precedent can be made relevant to contemporary society. The bold design replaces the traditional solid courthouse structure, which contains and encloses justice, with an idea about transparency and connection.

Manchester Civil Justice Centre

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The Burj Al-Taqa Energy Tower (Zero Emission)

BURJ AL-TAQA Tower Dubai

The Burj Al-Taqa Energy Tower in Dubai will be the first zero emission tower in the world. Designed by Deutsch architects, Eckhard Gerber, this tower utilizes sun, wind, and water as energy resource. The 68-story tower is 322 meter high and become on of the most innovative building in the middle east. But as mentioned by, the proposed design depend on unproven technology and untested materials. Uhm..


The Modern Wing for the Art Institute of Chicago

Renzo Piano's Magic Carpet

Scheduled to open to the public in 2009, the Modern Wing for the Art Institute of Chicago is already topping out. As described on its engineering page, the Modern Wing is dedicated to the Art Institute`s modern and contemporary collections: paintings, sculpture, photography, film and video, and architecture and design.

The Modern Wing designed by Renzo Piano and he adopting a unique structure elements called Magic Carpet or Flying Carpet that suspended above the roof. The carpet is an extruded-aluminum sun screen that will hover over much of the new construction and capture the north light and deliver it to the third-floor gallery skylights while gently shading the garden.


Beach Road Singapore by Norman Foster

Beach Road, Singapore

Located between the Marina Center and the Civic District in Singapore, the Beach Road designed and developed as a mixed-use area at a 150,000 sqm. Its most unique element is the canopy`s form and structure that filtering sunlight to deliver convenient public space. Designed by Norman Foster, as mentioned by architecture.MNP, it fits perfectly into Singapore _city in a garden_ concept.


AutoCAD Celebrates 25 Years of User Innovation

AutoCAD 25 Years

I got ADV email from Autodesk Info:
Meet Rusty Gesner. In 1983, Rusty placed one of the first orders for AutoCAD® software. But his AutoCAD firsts were just getting started, as he quickly became one of the first resellers, started one of the first user groups, and even authored one of the first books on AutoCAD.

As AutoCAD celebrates 25 years of user innovation, we’re taking a moment to acknowledge the users like Rusty, who have helped engineer the AutoCAD success story.

To hear more about Rusty and other Legends of AutoCAD, visit

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The Beijing National Aquatic Centre

Beijing National Aquatic Centre

Designed by CSCEC International Design and Peddle Thorp Walker (PTW), The 100,000 sqm Beijing National Aquatic Centre is located alongside the Bird Nest Stadium in the Olympic Green Area. This Water Cube is prepared to be opened for the 2008 Olympics to host aquatic events. The structure is unique, it use steel space frame based on the soap geometry as well as water bubbles. The facade is covered with thin pillows of Ethylene Tetrafluoro Ethylene (ETFE) that reacts specifically to lighting and projection.


Hangzhou Bay Bridge will be Completed this Autumn

Hangzhou Bay Trans-oceanic Bridge

Hangzhou Bay Bridge was reported by Monocle that will be completed this Autumn. Hangzhou Bay lies South of Shanghai, and ends t the City if Hongzhou. This 36-km-long bridge will shorten the travel from Shanghai to the Southern region from 400 km to only 80km.

Spending $1.42 billion, the Hangzhou Bay Bridge is a cable stayed structure which is a new type of bridges invented in the 20th century. When completed the bridge will be the longest “ocean-crossing bridge” in the World.


Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art by Coop Himmelb[l]au

Museum of Contemporary Art

Coop Himmelb[l]au, a 40-years old firm that active in architecture, urban planning, design, and art, won the design competition of Museum of Contemporary Art & Planning Exhibition in Shenzhen, China. As described by the architects, the design is an urban meeting point and serves as a dynamic element in the progressive system of the city of Shenzen in the middle of their new center. The building is 40 m high and integrated with 30.000 sqm of an established masterplan.

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