125th Birthday of Walter Gropius

Walter Gropius

Google just remined me that today is Walter Gropius’s birthday. Born 125 years ago in Berlin, he has German/American nationality. His works, Fagus Factory, that was constructed between 1911 and 1913 in Germany, was mentioned as an important example of early modern architecture. He also founded a Building School or known as “Bauhaus” that was closed by Nazi regime in 1933.

Walter Gropius

Born in Berlin, Walter Gropius was the third son of Walter Adolph Gropius and Manon Auguste Pauline Scharnweber. Gropius married Alma Mahler (1879-1964), widow of Gustav Mahler. Walter and Alma’s daughter, named Manon after Walter’s mother, was born in 1916. When Manon died of polio at age eighteen, composer Alban Berg wrote his Violin Concerto in memory of her (it is inscribed “to the memory of an angel”). Gropius and Alma divorced in 1920. (Alma had by that time established a relationship with Franz Werfel, whom she later married.) In 1923 Gropius married Ise Frank (d. 1983), and they remained together until his death.


Fagus Factory


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