10 Things You Should Know About Roofing Services

Roofing Services

Everyone needs roofing services at one time or another if they own a home. There can be many things that happen to a roof. Weather is the biggest culprit when it comes to roof damage.

Sometimes, you just need a little work, such as needing a few shingles to be replaced. Other times, you may need your entire roof replaced because of age or damage. Either way, you need to call in a professional roofer to do the job the right way.

There are many professionals that you could call to repair your roof. You could also look at https://www.gen819.com/services to see what they could help you with. They can answer all your questions about roofing.

This article will let you know some of the things that you should know before you have someone repair or replace your roof. It will help you to ask the right questions when you need service. You can also do more research to get the information that you might need.

Things to Know

  1. Insurance Claims – The company you choose needs to know the ins and outs of insurance claims. They should know everything about roofing, including all the paperwork that needs to be done. Many times, your roof has been damaged for different reasons, and you need to file an insurance claim on it.

    When you don’t understand everything about the claims, you want your roofer to be able to walk you through it. A good company will be able to help you with all your questions. If they can’t help you with this, find another company.

  2. Check for Permits – Most work that is required in your home needs some kind of permit. If the work is very minor, the company might not need one, but you should check for one anyway: https://symbium.com/blog/the-dangers-of-reroofing-without-a-permit. If they don’t have a permit to do the work, ask them why.

    They may have a legitimate reason, such as the work isn’t structural. This would happen if there were only a few shingles to repair. Anything that requires them to remove your entire roof would need a permit.

  3. Register Any Warranties – If there is a warranty on any part of your roof, make sure that the company registers it. This will ensure that it will be taken care of if something happens in the future. Most companies will register them for you if you just ask.

  4. Proper Ventilation – You need to make sure that the roofer will install proper ventilation for your roof. Without proper ventilation, your roof will suffer from many different things. See here to find out what proper ventilation can help. These could include moisture buildup, mold, mildew, and other things in your attic.

    The roofer should include ventilation in the quote they offer for roof replacement. If they don’t add this independently, ask them about it. They may have a reason for not including it, but ask anyway.

  5. Rotted Decking – You need to have the company check for rotted decking. If the decking is rotten, it needs to be replaced. This may be the biggest reason your roof is failing.

    If your decking is rotten, it should be replaced completely. You don’t want to do half the job and leave other parts that could rot easily. You want to ensure that your roof will last you another twenty or thirty years.

  6. Protect Your Landscaping – A good roofer will make sure that your landscaping is protected. They will place tarps around your home to make sure that all the shingles, nails, and other debris don’t land on your lawn. This also helps them clean up after the job is done.

    Once it is time to clean up, a good contractor will go over your property with a magnet to ensure all the debris, especially the nails,is picked up. You want to ensure all this is done because you don’t want it interfering with your lawnmowing later. You want the materials to be cleaned up for you.

  7. Follow the Sequence – You want to make sure that the contractor follows the steps in the right sequence to make sure that things are done properly. There are many layers to your roof, and you need to ensure that they are installed correctly. If the steps are not done in the proper sequence, your roof will suffer.

    You have the underlying structure, decking panels, underlayment that will protect your roof, and then the shingles. You will also need flashing in areas where you might have gaps, such as around chimneys and vents. This all needs to be done in the proper sequence.

  8. Don’t Do it Piecemeal – You don’t want the roof to be done in a piecemeal fashion. You want it all to flow together as it should. If you don’t complete the entire roof at once, it will look piecemeal, and you may have issues with it.

    You want all your roofing products to come from the same company. That way, you won’t be trying to fit one brand with another that might have slightly different measurements. This is another reason your roof may look piecemeal.

  9. Honor the Warranty – Before you have the work started, make sure that the company will follow through on any warranty work in the future. Talk to other customers to see if the company followed through. This will help you know that they will do the work if it is necessary in the future.

    Talk to the company and ask them what you need to do if there is warranty work that should be done in the future. They should know all the steps that you need to follow. If they don’t know, you might worry that they won’t honor the warranty if needed.

  10. No Shortcuts – Ask the contractor how they will do the work and listen carefully. You want to make sure that they won’t be taking any shortcuts. You want them to do the job thoroughly and completely.

    Make sure that they are using quality products to do the job. You don’t want inferior materials being used because your roof won’t last as long as it should. You also need to make sure that they pull all the proper permits before they begin.


There are many things that you should know before you have someone repair or replace your roof. You want to make sure that they follow all the rules and take the right steps to repair it. You don’t want them taking shortcuts that will harm your home. You want to have a professional who has been in business for a few years to do your roof.

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