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Floating Nests / by Architect Peter Stasek

03 Cam4_final

The Loft London Farm Tower in the form of an imaginary gigantic tree in whose artificial crown two big loft formations are placed as floating nests. The vision of an unprecedented zest for life (joie de vivre) while, at the same time, utilising the entire Metropolitan logistics.

SuperSkyScrapers Competition: Singapore Bamboo Skyscraper


Singapore Bamboo Skyscraper

The program challenges participants to design a NEW Architect’s Village Bamboo Skyscraper that takes into account the need for a contemporary approach of bamboo construction in such an urban setting and also today’s ever-increasing need for ecological design principles. The design should be visually and aesthetically engaging in contributing to the wider investigation to the use and possibilities of bamboo in tall construction design.

The new proposed skyscraper city should in general maximise positive impact of such a Vertical Structure and be an acceptable addition to the Singapore City Skyline.

It should respond directly to the issue of sustainable and ecology space creation in a city such as Singapore and also address the social, environmental, cultural and economic issues and concerns of the ever-increasing construction of urban Skyscrapers.

The design proposal must have bamboo as the dominant material as this is an investigation into innovative possibilities for bamboo as a material for tall construction design as support or covering (cladding) for such structures.

Top Five Cities for Stunning Architecture

From colonial constructions to modern masterpieces, there some truly amazing examples of architecture around the world. Beautiful buildings can make you want to travel, and when you get there they will inspire you through genuine admiration. Here are five of the most spectacular places to go to be awestruck.

Valparaíso, Chile


Situated around a two hour bus journey from Chile’s capital Santiago, Valparaiso is a sprawling mass of hills, lights and buildings on the west coast of South America,. Also known as the Jewel of the Pacific, the city was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003. Some of the main highlights of the cityscape include vibrant houses lining the narrow, labyrinthine paths, and the looming colonial buildings along the high street.


Aqua Pallazio, Kolkata, India / by STAPL

“If you gave me several million years, there would be nothing that did not grow in beauty if it were surrounded by water”. – Jan Erik Vold, What All The World Knows, 1970



Water, the Hub of Life.
Water is its mater and matrix, mother and medium.
Water is the most extraordinary substance!
Practically all its properties are anomalous, which enabled life to use it as building material for its machinery.
Life is water dancing to the tune of solids.

Le Comptoir de Fruit et Légumes / by Kotaro HORIUCHI


This Project is a renovation for a SPA, Kaatsu and beauty salon located in the center of Nagoya, Japan. We insert the space to provide drinks being always aware of health and beauty, such as fruit and organic vegetables.

Groupe Scolaire Pasteur / by R2K Architectes

Groupe Scolaire Pasteur / by R2K Architectes © Jussi Tiainen

The building is located in Limeil-Brevannes, near Paris. It consists of three preschools and of two elementary schools. As the method of commissioning was used so called “conception-construction” system, where the competition teams propose both all plans and the construction on fixed price. Beside schools, an apartment building of social housing of 46 flats was included to the competition program. Time for the competition was one month. The decision for the winner was made in April 2011 and the inauguration of the building was held 18 months later. The construction of the apartment building starts in next April.

Remodel Your Home Before Putting It on the Market

House 3098 in Lantau Island, Hong Kong It’s no secret that homes aren’t selling as easily as in previous years. This economy is great for the home buyer, but not so hot for those who are looking to sell. Regardless of the reason you are looking to sell, it is probably a good idea to do some remodeling first.

Making upgrades will improve your chances of selling, while also increasing the listing price. No one wants to go upside down on a home. In an ideal world, we’d all make a profit on our home sale. Unfortunately, homes are selling for less these days and without renovations, you risk selling at a lower price, or potentially not selling at all.

The kitchen is where many families spend a lot of time. Having an outdated kitchen will likely make a potential buyer turn around before seeing the rest of the home. You don’t have to completely redo your kitchen, as it is unlikely a full kitchen remodel (costing tens of thousands of dollars) will ever give you the full return on investment that it would have 10 years ago. Instead focus on simple upgrades.

Replace cabinets, flooring and countertops, if needed. It is also a good idea to add in energy-efficient appliances. Going green is more popular than ever and this adds appeal to potential buyers who are concerned with environmental issues and energy usage.
The bathroom is another room that will turn off buyers at first glance. No one wants a dingy bathroom. Upgrading the medicine cabinet and replacing light fixtures are a quick fix that may do the job. If you have money in your budget, I would also recommend replacing shower doors, vanity and tile.

Construction Start: Central Business District at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport / by MVRDV

Sincere Property, MVRDV and Aedas have started construction on a Central Business District at Shanghai’s mostly domestic airport Hongqiao. The 4.5ha site is located near Hongqiao Airport train station at the corner of Shenhai Express Way and Shenbin Road. The plan comprises ten office towers, an underground shopping centre, cultural program, parking and a sunken plaza which will bring a more intimate form of urban life into an area currently dominated by large boulevards and urban expressway’s. The project’s completion is planned for 2015.

Central Business District at Shangha Hongqiao Airport / by MVRDV

Just weeks after winning the competition, construction has already started on this urban masterplan for an office and retail centre near the fourth busiest airport in mainland China. The 4.5ha site is divided into a small northern plot of 8,409 m2 and a larger southern plot. The team won the competition with highly energy-efficient architecture combined with an intimate urban plan which allows for pedestrian-friendly spaces.