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Chalet Whymper / by Chevallier Architectes

The view is everything

The situation was unique: Chevallier Architectes took on this project when it was on the verge of being abandoned. There were many constraints, but the Chevallier Architectes team studied the file and proposed solutions that would make it possible to successfully complete the construction, including optimization of the space.

How Technology Is Changing Day To Day Life In Our Own Homes

For a while, the growth that was being seen with technology was something that was outside of our homes. It impacted big companies and the government – not the little guys. However, more and more, inventions of necessity and inventions of desire have brought technology more to the forefront in our homes.

Of course, in order to really make use of the many advances that can be brought into our homes, now and in the future, you will want to make sure that you are finding one of the best internet service providers. If you have an internet service that is lacking in quality and service, you might just find that your home will no longer function as well as it should. To help you understand how that is, you will want to consider the following ways in which your home may need the internet to keep you safe and to keep your daily routine running smoothly.

Skjervet / by Fortunen AS

On the site of Skjervsfossen (Skjervet waterfall), Fortunen have designed a small service building consisting of two restrooms and a small technical room, while the landscape design is made by Østengen & Bergo. The client, Nasjonale turistveger, challenged Fortunen and Østengen & Bergo to accentuate and enhance the experience of the natural landscape, whilst not competing with it. The overall aspiration was to create a unique and surprising experience. The main concept has been to make the wild nature accessible without hurting it.

4 Secrets Your Home Could be Hiding From You

It is very easy to get so caught up in living in your home; sometimes you’ll fail to notice what is right under your nose. When buying a new property, it can be tempting to blindly trust all of the information you receive from your estate agent or from the previous home owners. Then, when you are settled at your new house, it is tempting to just enjoy your new environment without thinking too hard about the property you have purchased. However, it is very beneficial to do so. To prove this point, below is a list of 4 secrets that your home could be hiding from you.

Simple Fixes to Make So You Can Sell Your Home This Summer

Beaumont House in Montreal / by Henri Cleinge, architect

© Marc Cramer

Selling your home is an overwhelming experience. You might think you need to change anything and everything to make it more appealing to potential buyers when the truth is, small fixes can often do the trick. Sure, everyone knows that a kitchen remodel can increase the value of your home. If you can manage that, go for it. But if you don’t have the funds, present a few simple tweaks to make your home sellable. Add a certain fix that does to their houses in order to flip them. Read on for some practical suggestions. Incorporate them and watch your home fly off the market.

1. Paint, Paint, and More Paint

Everyone can easily agree upon the fact that there is nothing quite like a fresh coat of paint. Its effect on a room and, ultimately, the whole house is undeniable. And, while you might love a wild or bright color in your new home, you should stick with neutrals when painting rooms in your home to make it sellable. You might even consider going with all white, as that will brighten the home up, which homebuyers appreciate. They also want to be able to envision themselves in the home, and that might be hard to do with a mustard-painted wall that they consider to be an eye sore. The best part about this simple fix is it’s relatively inexpensive and, if you get others to pitch in, can be somewhat easy, too.

The Colosseums Of Tomorrow

Perhaps the most lasting legacy of a culture is the buildings it leaves behind. Their designs, functions, materials, and methods tell us a lot about the way people approached life and work. The most obvious example of this is the Roman Colosseum, which has endured for thousands of years and is a tangible representation of a long-dead empire. It stands witness to everything from their architecture to their religion.

While today’s large buildings will never be expected to endure for centuries, they do still carry that power to reflect on us as a society, even if over a much shorter term. They also reflect the reality of our world today.

To accommodate those considerations, perhaps the most essential requirement will be versatile materials that can provide protection against the most likely and most dangerous threats to the safety of the people inside. Whether it’s an athletic complex, civic center, or convention facility, that will take precedence.

It’s this broad demand for durable materials that is behind the development of Polyurea Products that can serve a wide variety of purposes in construction, and the world today requires that all places of assembly should be able to sustain the impact of several external factors.

How to Find High Quality Tenants for Your Rental Property

Renting out a second property can provide a lucrative passive income for many individuals and families. Whether you rent out your property as a vacation home or have long-term renters residing there, the importance of attracting high quality tenants can’t be understated. In order to remain successful with a rental business, you need to place the right tenants and keep them happy to avoid expensive turnover and vacancies. If you’re looking to pull in premium rental rates and bring in premium tenants, keep these tips in mind.

Revamp Your Marketing Techniques

If you’ve been leaning on Craigslist listings to source your tenants, it’s time to revamp your advertising efforts. In order to reach the widest audience of rental candidates, it’s important to utilize strategic marketing tactics. Take advantage of rental listing websites like; this listing site offers easy access to a cache of searching tenants, with filtering features and simple connection practices. When you begin creating your listing, consider hiring a professional photographer to take shots of your rental property. Haphazard shots of the space won’t appeal to tenants willing to pay premium rates for premium digs, but investing the time and money into highlighting the best features of the property in question can pay dividends down the road. This highlighting can be done through more than imagery; make sure the text portions of your listing are as detailed as possible.

Black Box Gym – A Temporary Architecture Practice / by HAD & Epos Architects

Viewed from the street, the Black Box Gym appeared to be white! The project is formed by a group of open white boxes, harmoniously situated in an unused land of an aging urban community. It features steel beam-to-column, corrugated steel and perforated steel plates, which are widely applied in temporary architecture. The gym provides fitness facilities and space for people nearby. At night, it emits light through glasses and perforated steel plates, injecting new life into the dreary block. It is an eye-catching center of vitality, while at the same time it integrates harmoniously with the surroundings.