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Category: Schools / Universities

Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies / by MYAA

The Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies (QFIS), is located on the Education City Campus, Doha. The scheme provides world class teaching and faculty space and the Education City campus mosque.

QFIS is based on the Islamic ‘Kulliyya’ or ‘place where all knowledge is sought’ and the building provides a progressive learning environment which places the institution at the forefront of contemporary Islamic pedagogy countering the pejorative image of Islamic education.

Rockery for play—Poly WeDo Art Education, Beijing / by ARCHSTUDIO

This is the second children educational space that ARCHSTUDIO designed for Poly Wedo Art Educational Institution. It is located on the second floor of Beijing Damei Central. This institution mainly teaches children music, dance, tea, cooking, and craft courses, so the space design needs to provide appropriate classrooms based on above needs. Inspired by rockery artificial hills in Chinese traditional garden, the design creates multiple ranges of “artificial hills” that allow children to happily play here.

Via University College, Campus Horsens / by C. F. Møller Architects

VIA University College, Campus Horsens will unify a variety of education programs in a vibrant and active educational setting deeply rooted in the city.

Campus Horsens establishes itself as a city in the city with a continuation of the area’s building block structure and classical city motives such as narrow streets, parks and urban squares. At the same time, the campus connects with the city by establishing a path that connects the three new urban areas, Campus Square, Expo-pladsen and Innovation Square, which all lies as a natural extension of the city’s flow.

Maple Street School in Brooklyn / by BFDO Architects & 4|MATIV

Maple Street School, located in the rapidly changing neighborhood of Prospect Lefferts Gardens, in Brooklyn, was looking to expand into a second location and found a fitting site in a new mixed use development. BFDO and 4|MATIV collaborated to provide the cooperative school with a design program that would fit their spatial and curricular needs, focusing on open and flexible spaces with elements that promote their educational philosophy.

Educational Ensemble Terenten – Houses for Children / by feld72

feld72 recently completed the redevelopment of the primary school in Terenten/South Tyrol. Together with the kindergarten they built in 2010, it now forms a modern educational ensemble, which is directly embedded in the village life of Terenten.

Starting with the original building of the 1970s, they turned the school into a sensory instrument, which changes and sharpens perceptions and encourages the children to discover, experiment and research, thereby offering an active learning environment.

International High School East of Paris / by Ateliers 2/3/4/

Strong form and vast landscape

Paris, France, 2017-07-11 – A high school is like a small estate made up of work, recreation, leisure, encounter and shared places. The access as streets, squares provides perspectives that give life to the estate. The new International High School project east of Paris, planned within this urban context, is located within an exceptional site distinguished by three scales of landscape:

Faculty of Medicine São José dos Campos, Brazil / by KAAN Architecten

KAAN Architecten unveils the design for the new Faculty of Medicine of the Universidade Anhembi Morumbi (UAM) in São José dos Campos, a city in the greater metropolitan area of São Paulo State. Located in proximity to a main road junction of the city, the building stands on an elevated plot, which creates both isolation and ideal conditions to turn it into a new landmark in the dense urban fabric.

6 Green Design Ideas for Schools

Schools are great opportunities to implement energy-smart, sustainable and green design elements. Not only do they help work towards energy independence and a more eco-conscious built world, they can become talking points among teachers and students to help inform our youth of the importance of investing in a green future. Planting the idea of environmental friendly materials, design strategies, and electrical and mechanical systems in the minds of students paves the way for them getting more involved as their teeth get longer and their wallets get fatter.

Here are a few ideas existing and new schools can start instituting today to help usher in a new age of green development and sustainability.

1 | Insulated Concrete Blocks

Most schools these days primarily use concrete masonry units (CMUs) for their exterior wall construction. They are monolithic, fairly easy to install, and incredible resistant to fire and weather. However, they are horrible at providing enough insulation to not only meet code, but provide a comfortable interior environment for students to learn in. These walls have to be furred out from the inside and insulated with more traditional methods, which increases cost and still doesn’t provide the best thermal protection.