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Green Architecture’s Urgent Quest For Cheaper, More Sustainable Energy

Over the years, an increasing number of disciplines have become interested in the concept of creating a sustainable environment. Green Architecture is one of these disciplines and its goal is to create green buildings. These ...

Idea Lab in Ciudad de México / by ARCO Arquitectura

Innovating, discovering, experiencing and acting are the main activities which will be held at i.d.e.a. Lab a new space for culture and creation designed by ARCO Arquitectura Contemporánea executed in Mexico City.

A'tolan House, Taiwan / by : Create+Think Design Studio

A’tolan is the word meaning, “a place with many rocks”, from the indigenous language of the natives on the east coast of Taiwan. It may also be interpreted as “piling of rocks”, “building wall with ...

BECYCLE Boutique Fitness Studio, Berlin / by Lien Tran

BECYCLE is the first Boutique Fitness Studio in Berlin, Europe’s clubbing capital, to offer “high energy” spinning classes with hi-tech bikes and a nightclub atmosphere featuring music from live DJs.

Izmir Transportation Hub / by Eray Carbajo

Eray Carbajo wins Honorable Mention award in National Competition for Izmir Transportation Integration Hub

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Category: Landscapes

Podčetrtek Traffic Circle, Slovenia / by ENOTA

Podčetrtek Traffic Circle, Slovenia / by  ENOTA
© Miran Kambič

The Podčetrtek Traffic Circle is built on a regional road located between the municipal sports hall with open-air sports grounds on one side and a spa centre with numerous swimming pools and hotels on the other side. It is primarily intended to slow down the traffic in this consequently very busy area as the main accesses to both complexes also connect to the traffic circle. The design of the roundabout’s central island thus references the appearance of both facilities and marks the entrance points to the destinations of the visitors to either of the programme centers.

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Superkilen Honored by American Institute Of Architects (AIA)

Superkilen masterplan designed by BIG + Topotek1 + Superflex has a great start to 2013 receiving a 2013 AIA NATIONAL HONOR AWARD and a citation as the best Urban Design in the Annual Design Review of ARCHITECT magazine.

SUK_Image by Iwan Baan_11

At almost a mile long Superkilen wedges through one of the most ethnically diverse and socially challenged neighborhoods in Denmark creating a truly unique urban space with a strong identity on a local and global scale. The park is divided into three zones: the red square, the black market and the green park and is conceived as a giant exhibition of urban best practice – a collection of global everyday objects from the 60+ home countries of the local inhabitants. Initiated by the City of Copenhagen and Realdania Foundation, the project started construction in 2009 and opened to the public in June 2012. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has selected Superkilen as one of the winners of the 2013 Institute Honor Awards, the profession’s highest recognition of works that exemplify excellence in architecture, interior architecture and urban design.

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The National Mall, Union Square / by Gustafson Guthrie Nichol and Davis Brody Bond

© Methanoia

Seattle-based landscape architects Gustafson Guthrie Nichol (GGN) and New York-based architects Davis Brody Bond (DBB) are pleased to announce their selection as winners of the National Mall Design Competition for Union Square in Washington, DC. The National Mall is the country’s most visited park and attracts more than 25 million visitors annually. Union Square, located at the base of the Capitol, is the site of major historic events from presidential inaugurations to public gatherings and demonstrations.

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Space Time Continuum in Hong Kong, China / by Nomad Office Architects

Time Space Continuum – Capturing Slices of Life at Moments in Time

Space Time Continuum / by Nomad Office Architects

Sport encompasses the whole person development. Sports science can trace its origins to ancient Greece. It is not surprising to claim that sport competition and ancient Socratic philosophy both aim at virtue and human excellence. They share similarities such as knowledge seeking, questioning and challenging of oneself.

Time and Space are the two fundamental paradigms of all sport racing. In our artwork ‘ Time Space Continuum’, we will raise public’s curiosity and questions towards these two distinct concepts. What is Time? Is Time physical or psychological? Is Time absolute or relative? Is Time an illusion? Is Time dividable? Is Space Time composed of multiple frozen moments ‘time slices’?

LUX – Stahlhof Belval Ouest / by AllesWirdGut

It is a great pleasure for AllesWirdGut, to announce the nomination of their project LUX – Stahlhof Belval Ouest for the `Prix Luxembourgeois d’Architecture 2011´.

LUX - Stahlhof Belval Ouest / by AllesWirdGut

© Roger Wagner

Between forward-facing high-rise buildings and blast furnaces of the past the new Steelyard square forms the center of Belval Ouest, a city development project which is currently constructed in Luxembourg on the grounds of a former steel mill. The disused industrial site´s atmosphere was characterized by wideness and roughness as well as pioneer plants such as mosses and birch.

Turenscape wins World’s Best Landscape Project at WAF Awards 2011

The Sanlihe Greenway, China, designed by Turenscape

A Mother Recovered – The Sanlihe Greenway, China, designed by Turenscape, has won the ‘World’s Best Landscape Project’ award at the prestigious World Architecture Festival (WAF) Awards 2011.

The presentation of the WAF Awards are taking place during the largest global celebration of architecture – the World Architecture Festival, which is being held at the Centre Convencions International Barcelona (CCIB) this week.

The Sanlihe Greenway has transformed a former garbage dump into a scenic water byway. The 135 hectare byway demonstrates how neglected landscapes can be altered to provide habitats for native biodiversity, create spiritual and aesthetic benefits and act as catalysts for urban development.

The project was selected by a panel of esteemed architects and designers, beating off competition from a shortlist of seven entries.

Car-free Zone of Maria-Theresian-Straße in Innsbruck, Austria / by AllesWirdGut

After five years’ planning and construction, the car-free zone of Maria-Theresian-Straße in Innsbruck, AUSRTRIA is now completed. Converted into a pedestrian zone, the northern section of the street has already been in use for two years now and, with its choice of robust materials, has successfully withstood the daily rush of users. The granite paving now extends from the Triumph Gate to the Old Town, providing much room for urban strolls with a view of the mountains.

Car-free Zone of Maria-Theresian-Straße in Innsbruck, AUSRTRIA / by AllesWirdGut

GGN Designs Landscape for Third Phase of UW Medicine Research Complex

The following press release announcing Gustafson Guthrie Nichol (GGN) as the landscape architects for the third phase of University of Washington Medicine’s research hub in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood, which broke ground earlier this month. The UW Medicine’s South Lake development is a multi-phase design and construction project that supports the UW’s internationally renowned biomedical research efforts.

Seattle (July 27, 2011) – Gustafson Guthrie Nichol (GGN) is pleased to announce theirvrole as landscape architects for the third phase of UW Medicine’s research hub in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood, which broke ground earlier this month.

UW Medicine’s South Lake Union development is a multi-phase design and construction project that supports the UW’s internationally renowned biomedical research efforts. Located on the adjacent west block of UW Medicine’s existing South Lake Union research complex, Phase Three will include up to three buildings totaling nearly 542,000 square feet of laboratory and office space, and 47,250 square feet of outdoor space. Slated for completion in spring 2013, the first building breaking ground is a 183,000-square-foot LEED silver laboratory building that will be home to more than 400 researchers and includes 19,090 square feet of outdoor space.