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Boundary, Taiwan / by Wei Yi International Design Associates

Design concept:
Since ancient time, there have been two choices for the rich and established; to flaunt wealth and fame, or to keep modest and low-profile; which partly reveals one’s view of life. For the owner, an elder with great fortune and rich experience, the definition of “home” is more about a delicate balance, a tender atmosphere, and “a piece of pure land”.

Alternative Ideas for Your Garden Décor

Just like any room in your home, it’s common to get bored of your garden décor. Quite often, especially when we have young children, we stick to the same basic lawn and patio layout. However, there are many ways to make some changes to your décor without necessarily changing the whole design of your garden. Here are some of the best.

Railway Sleepers

Railways sleepers are large, chunky pieces of wood which can look incredibly cool in an outdoor space. You could use them to build large raised flower beds, walls, edgings, or to make rustic wooden furniture, as they are hardwearing and built to last.

How to Spruce Up Your Rental Property for Spring

There’s nothing like the coming of spring to inspire landlords to renovate their spaces. These renovations can bring top tenants to your property. Whether you are sprucing up your property to appeal to new tenants, or offering services to veteran tenants, here are a few must-haves this spring season.

Power Wash the Exterior of Your Home

April showers may bring May flowers, but unfortunately, rain can’t wash everything away. Sometimes, rain will actually gather all of that built up dirt in areas where the water has drained off. To anticipate the coming summer, make your rental property look brand new with a good old-fashioned power wash. You may be surprised at how fresh your rental will feel. In addition, if you were previously on the fence about repainting the exterior, a power wash is sometimes all you needed. If you have tenants in your property already, offer to power wash the house to show your appreciation for their upkeep efforts.

Incorporate Some Green

It’s official: the Pantone color of the year is “Greenery.” Greenery is a perfect middle ground of both bright and neutral green, and it is a refreshing trend coming out of the winter blues. How do you introduce this into your property? While it is unwise to paint your property’s walls in brighter non-neutral colors, you can add attraction to your showing with green accents. Remember that when showing a property, you can boost your chances of getting higher-quality candidates by way of cleanliness and standout details. Adding a pop of greenery—whether it be with plants, pillows, or plates— will modernize your property and catch the eye of prospective renters. Take note to pick the right shade of green to compliment your property!


Iconic North Yorkshire Building Bough Back to life

A unique renovation project in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, has now been completed culminating in the creation of a range of stunning houses and apartments that are available to buy.

The Grade II-listed Old Police Station Harrogate, located in the centre of the quaint spa town, was originally dreamt up by period architect Percy Oates Platts but his legacy has now been eloquently transformed into a range of luxury houses in Harrogate thanks to sympathetic restoration work undertaken by a local development team.

V12K03 – URBAN HOUSING / by pasel.kuenzel architects

In an inner-city context the spatial qualities of private dwellings depend on the degree of privacy. On the street-side outside the house, you wish to store your bike when coming home from work and to protect yourself from the rain while searching for your keys. You may also long for a place where to lean on when talking to your neighbours.


Style tips to steal from amazing cathedrals

If we look back at the history of the British Isles we can see how our vibrant and sometimes volatile past has shaped the country we live in. Just take a look at the ecclesiastical buildings that punctuate our urban and rural landscapes, they tell many stories of turmoil as well as acting as sanctuaries for the people living around them.

There are 69 cathedral cities in the UK. By virtue of having a cathedral they are therefore known as cities, and with that title a sense of culture and importance is attributed. So wherever you are in the UK it’s hard to ignore these bastions of power that spike on our skylines and have dominated our surroundings for centuries.

As a non-religious person I guess it could seem strange that I have such a love for cathedrals and find them so inspiring. On a subconscious level they may be influencers of my interiors taste. Whether that is a moody grisaille colour palette, a Renaissance style opulent table display, theatrical use of draped fabrics or love of pews and bench seating. Cathedrals seem to be even having a moment in popular culture, as a number of films set in medieval Britain (featuring cathedrals) are released this year. ‘Tulip Fever’ was filmed at Norwich Cathedral, amongst other settings, and will set more hearts on fire than Alan Partridge’s under pants. Released in February it stars actors including Judi Dench, Cara Delevigne, and Skandi beauty Alicia Vikander. Its sumptuous yet rustic interiors and sexy floral appeal are sure to inspire people to deck out their homes in a similar becoming way.

House Without Borders in Rostov region, Russia / by Architectural studio Chado

Modern homes have long ceased to fit into the idea of “four walls ” , or ” box . ” Now the environment is free to come into the house , and the house seamlessly expands its boundaries , capturing the surrounding area.

One of the most effective and common methods to achieve this effect

– A panoramic windows , which makes the boundary of property and implicit mixed.

In the same project architects have gone further . House ” came out ” not only for by glazing , but also due to structural elements of the roof extending the scope of the building , creating a complex three -dimensional game.


Residential Complex “Biosphere XXI”, Valencia / by Luís De Garrido

[Google-translated from Spanish]

1. Objectives má s important

– Build a prototype bioclimatic behave perfectly in any Spanish climate zone. That is, housing that can be self – regulating heat rse in any climate, and therefore available a high capacity to generate heat, and generate fresh, just for its architectural structure. In the same way, the house must have natural devices to reduce, if necessary, the humidity of the indoor air.

– To design a flexible housing with unique design, and you can expand or reduce the number of stays, easily, maintaining its formal perception.

– Conduct a housing model that can be promoted massively, and allows easy customization. That is, each prospective buyer would have a single dwelling.

– Projecting a house that can be fully industrialized, and most of his composing tes can be prefabricated.

– Demonstrate that the most economical and efficient heating system for a bioclimatic dwelling is based on electric radiators, with a night rate.