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Category: Building Materials

6 Paving Tips to Keep Your Asphalt Driveway Looking Great

Many homeowners are choosing asphalt paving to finish their driveway because it provides a durable and clean surface for their vehicles. Asphalt also evokes a subtle kind of beauty that can easily blend well with different exterior finishes like siding, brick and stucco.

But what kind of maintenance is crucial to keep your asphalt driveway looking great every year? Experts share the following six tips.

Best Materials to Utilise in Home Building for 2018

2018 is here and you’re looking at building your home – either from scratch or you’re just adding to your current home. But what are the best materials to use and why?

You’ll find out about the best materials to build a conservatory, a family room extension and an entirely new home. From roofing to soft-play, to shipping containers – yes, you did read that right.

Time to find out what the heck these three have in common, so get reading and enjoy.


Conservatories are a lovely feature to add to your home, but on a more money-orientated side of things, they also add a lot of value to a house when selling. Although this may not be on your mind, for now, it’s always pleasant to know that an investment into an extension could end up making you profit in the future – should you decide to sell up.

A great roofing material for conservatories is thick plastic sheeting. You can purchase plastic cut to size from Simply Plastics, where you’ll also learn the strengths of their plastic and their weather resistance. Hence, one of the reasons it’s so great for your conservatory roof.

Architectural Trends for 2018

With the first month of 2018 already almost past us, the changes in the architecture industry are beginning to be felt.

Advancing technologies and materials are all set to totally overhaul the manner in which we design spaces and build them. This list of trends are the likeliest ways in which this industry is going to be transforming, and includes those that may finally be on the brink of being accepted by the mainstream.

Making Concrete More Environmentally Friendly

From highways to skyscrapers, concrete seems to be ubiquitous, which is why turning it into a more environmentally-friendly material could provoke a significant impact on the world. The question is, how can this be accomplished in the long term? Take a look at the varying options and perspectives.

Why Hardwood Floors are on Walls and Ceilings

Architects and designers love the beauty and versatility of acrylic-infused hardwood flooring. You’ll find this kind of hardwood flooring in the most unlikely places—as cladding on the walls and floors of high-profile projects like Courtyard Marriott, a trendy hotel in South Carolina, and the cheerful Dandelion Café in Irvine, CA.

You’ll find hardwood flooring as an accent wall behind the reception areas of businesses that understand the importance of making a lasting first impression. Boutique hotels create a stunning canopy effect over a bed by cladding behind and above the bed.

Acrylic-infused hardwoods by Nydree Flooring can create an amazing look in commercial spaces. The combination of their hardness (300% harder than regular hardwoods) and their thinness makes this engineered hardwood the perfect choice for wall and ceiling accents.

Independent studies show that the acrylic infused finish on this hardwood flooring outperforms all other wood when in comes to scratch and wear resistances. On floors, acrylic infused hardwoods are strong enough to be beveled or mitered to help achieve the special effect you desire.

The helpful infographic below from Nydree Flooring illustrates the “5 Things You Need to Consider When Selecting Commercial Flooring for High-Traffic Areas.” Learn why engineered hardwood flooring is a solid investment that will pay you dividends for years to come.


Ways Bog Mats Help Protect the Environment

A bog mat is an underrated item that is both necessary and vital for protecting the environment during outdoor work. Bog mats are made from different materials that work to protect the ground from ruts caused by heavy machinery or other vehicles, among other things. They also preserve the delicate balance of the soil and natural areas and prevent any damage from occurring. Just like JWA ground protection mats claim, bog mats, in general, keep cultural sites and environmentally sensitive sites safe from damage, erosion, and more. Here are four things that bog mats do for the environment.

How Titanium Has Revolutionized the Architecture Industry

Architecture is one of the marvels of mankind and as a society, the aesthetic appeal is just as important as the obvious shelter it provides. But before making it pretty, it needs to be functional too as investible real estate is said to grow by more than 55% from 2012 to 2020. This has spurred engineers and architects to work together to create the perfect synergy between materials, sustainability, and design. Modern architecture takes a look at the role titanium plays and whether this is a sustainable resource.

A Guide to the Different Carpet Types for Your Home

Vertical Barcode House by Gayuh Budi Utomo

If your inner design mogul is thirsting for a new renovation project and you’ve been eyeing your living room floor, you may want to consider installing new carpet to satiate your craving. With the array of carpet options in the marketplace, it’s important to explore the different species of textures and styles available to you in order to produce your desired design aesthetic. Have a house full of children who enjoy making noise or looking for something luscious and warm beneath your feet after a long, arduous day at the office? Carpet has a number of benefits and looks beautiful in the home. If you’re feeling inspired, here’s a guide on the different types of carpet out there to help you get started.