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Category: Bridges

Kurilpa Bridge, Australia wins World’s Best Transport Building at WAF Awards 2011

Kurilpa Bridge, Australia, designed by Cox Architecture

Kurilpa Bridge, Australia, designed by Cox Architecture, has won the ‘World’s Best Transport Building’ award at the prestigious World Architecture Festival (WAF) Awards 2011.

The presentation of the WAF Awards are taking place during the largest global celebration of architecture – the World Architecture Festival, which is being held at the Centre Convencions International Barcelona (CCIB) this week.

Skyscrapers bridge PONTMARE, Valencia / by Luis de Garrido

Skyscrapers bridge PONTMARE, Valencia / by Luis de Garrido

[Google-translated from Spanish]
The city of Valencia is suffering an economic and cultural development very important in recent years, which is resulting in a recycling process model and growth of the city. Among many other projects, perhaps the most ambitious is finally connecting Valencia to the sea. The southern part of the river is beginning to consolidate, and instead, the north, take longer, since you have to remodel and recycling, an urban and consolidated.


As part of a park competition in Kiev – Ukraine, Maxwan resolved a missing gap in the primary pedestrian path. The solution goes beyond merely creating a bridge. It strives to create a signature place, within the park. It avoids any of the assumed formal or structural gestures. By doing so, it creates an almost non-bridge.

Looping Bridge, Alicante / by bgstudio

Alicante is a city that grew overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Looping Bridge, Alicante / by bgstudio

“Pasarela del Postiguet” is an essential element that connects its urban center with the sea, spanning the Juan Bautista Lafora avenue which, with its intense traffic, presents a true visual and physical barrier between the beach promenade and the city. In this way Pasarela becomes an important link in the life of people of Alicante.

The Moon Bridge by JAJA Architects


Press Release (November 11, 2010):
THE MOON BRIDGE – A proposal for the Kaohsiung Maritime and Culture Center Competition By JAJA Architects

JAJA Architects had their breakthrough in 2007 with their proposal, Book Hill, to an extension to the main public library in Stockholm, Sweden. Earlier this year they won a 1st prize in a competition on a mixed-used building, the Cornerstone, in Vanløse, Denmark, a 2nd prize for their proposal on a National Museum in Oslo, Norway, and a 3rd prize for their proposal, Knowledge Axis, on a university library in Osnabrück, Germany.


New Bridge “De Oversteek” in Nijmegen, the Netherlands


Designed by NeyPoulissen Architects & Engineers, the new bridge “De Oversteek” in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, will spand as long as 285m over the Waal river to connect the western part of the city to the ring road. The bridge will use brick masonry to respect the roman heritage of Nijmegen and the piers follow the traditional building techniques of in-situ concrete.


Dramatic Bridge in Norway: Aurland Look Out


Designed by Todd Saunders & Tommie Wilhelmsen with “nature first and architecture second” of design concept, the Aurland Look Out is a dramatic bridge sited 640m over Aurland, Norway. The structure is 4 m wide, 30 long, and 9m high out at the very end.

To make the situation even more dramatic it was important for us to create the experience of leaving the mountainside. We wanted people to come out in the air. The construction creates a distinct horizon; a bridge in the open room of this large fjord. It is imperative that the landscape and the vegetation not altered, but are protected so that one came come out from the landscape and experience it from new standpoint.


The Next Worlds’ Largest Arch Bridge in Dubai

Dubai Worlds Largest Arch Bridge

Scheduled to finish in the next 4 years, the world’s largest arch bridge will expand one mile long and 670 feet tall in Dubai. The bridged designed by New York based architecture consultant, Fxfowle.

Facst sheet:

– It will have 12 lanes for traffic.
– It will cost 817 million dollars.
– The design has Sheikh Mohammed’s official stamp of approval.
– The bridge will carry more than 2,000 vehicles per hour in each direction.
– A metro line will run across the middle.
– Construction begins in March, with a slated completion date of 2012.