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Archive for May, 2019

Around the World in 80 Hours

Have you ever read the Around the World in Eighty Days novel by Jules Verne? It is the story of a rich and reclusive British gentleman named Phineas Fogg who sets out to prove that he can travel around the world in just 80 days – while placing a £20,000 bet on it.

6 Practical Ways to Spruce Up Your Apartment

Moving to a new apartment can be quite stressful if you previously lived in a house of your own. Not only is there less space than what you’re used to, but your interior design options are also limited by the rules set by your lease contract and landlord.

Hangzhou Xixi Art Village / by WSP ARCHITECTS

The Project locates at Hangzhou Xixi Wetland, where the ancients used to seclude from the outside as it enjoys both cultural elegance as well as the unique landscape of the south, representing natural scenery and human affections for waters. The designer believes that only by adopting the concept of “nothingness”, could he make the design of Xixi more natural and smooth.

The entire planning and design of Xixi Art Village are based on the idea of settlement, i.e. almost all constructions are built upon the original bases at their native space in the wetland, besides a few exceptions. The buildings are reduced to the minimum, makingthem look likethey are disappearing into the landscape.


The German air taxi company Volocopter developed the first fully electronic vertical take-off vehicle that flies autonomously and is accordingly ideally suited for use in urban areas. Together with GRAFT and Arup, the Berlin agency GRAFT Brandlab won the design competition for a modular vertiport concept.

The Beauty Cube – Office Block, China / by WSP ARCHITECTS

The Beauty Cube (M³) locates inside the Hi-tech Waterfront City of Zhengzhou National High & New Technology Industries Development Zone. This site enjoys a very large area, while separated by several wide streets that prevent passengers from passing to the neighboring plot. The west and north side of the Project are surrounded by urban greenings, while its south and east side left undeveloped. In such an environment, what comes to a designer’s mind is how will people live and work here in the future?

Andina Notting Hill Restaurant and Café-Bakery, London / by EL EQUIPO CREATIVO

The renowned Peruvian Chef Martin Morales and his team, Ceviche Family, contact El EQUIPO CREATIVO because they wanted to celebrate the uniqueness of Peru in their new restaurant. The Spanish motto « con mucho cariño », with loving care, and the tradition of producing things and cooking with dedication and love is the core of Andina Restaurant and Bakery.

What To Know About Hosting An Architecture Awards Night

Over the past few decades, architectural design has been becoming increasingly more advanced, with quite a significant amount of impressive buildings being designed. Because of that, more people have been awestruck by how visually appealing they are while also serving a variety of purposes. As many people have noted buildings are no longer just for serving a specific purpose, such as housing or office space. Instead, how well designed has become increasingly more important, with many people putting a considerable amount of emphasis on how a building looks.

The Top Airports of 2019

Every year, a World Airport Survey is completed in order to see which airports passengers think excel. A lot of factors are taken into account when determining which airport comes out on top, and the results are announced in late March. Below is a list of the top airports for 2019 according to the survey, and the reasons for their result.