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Archive for January, 2018

Making Concrete More Environmentally Friendly

From highways to skyscrapers, concrete seems to be ubiquitous, which is why turning it into a more environmentally-friendly material could provoke a significant impact on the world. The question is, how can this be accomplished in the long term? Take a look at the varying options and perspectives.

Shopping Centers are Being Reinvented for the 21st Century

Courtesy of Simon

The days when shopping centers placed importance on functionality over the needs of users are long gone. From retail workers to shoppers, the users of today expect far more than a space strewn with stores and a food court. They are on the hunt for a far more holistic experience: a place to not only shop but unwind from the rigours of their everyday lives, as well.

Contemporary shopping centers are the modern-day agoras, with many people gathered to enjoy a variety of leisure activities. When designing these kinds of setting nowadays, user-experience and overall habitability are key concepts, with the actual shopping itself moved to a secondary plane.

Barry Callebaut México / by Work+

For the master plan of this project we considered a distribution with a clear structure able to support the company´s activities. Barry-Callebaut required an operative center with an academy, green house, relaxing area and open space offices in a single area.

Why Hardwood Floors are on Walls and Ceilings

Architects and designers love the beauty and versatility of acrylic-infused hardwood flooring. You’ll find this kind of hardwood flooring in the most unlikely places—as cladding on the walls and floors of high-profile projects like Courtyard Marriott, a trendy hotel in South Carolina, and the cheerful Dandelion Café in Irvine, CA.

You’ll find hardwood flooring as an accent wall behind the reception areas of businesses that understand the importance of making a lasting first impression. Boutique hotels create a stunning canopy effect over a bed by cladding behind and above the bed.

Acrylic-infused hardwoods by Nydree Flooring can create an amazing look in commercial spaces. The combination of their hardness (300% harder than regular hardwoods) and their thinness makes this engineered hardwood the perfect choice for wall and ceiling accents.

Independent studies show that the acrylic infused finish on this hardwood flooring outperforms all other wood when in comes to scratch and wear resistances. On floors, acrylic infused hardwoods are strong enough to be beveled or mitered to help achieve the special effect you desire.

The helpful infographic below from Nydree Flooring illustrates the “5 Things You Need to Consider When Selecting Commercial Flooring for High-Traffic Areas.” Learn why engineered hardwood flooring is a solid investment that will pay you dividends for years to come.