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Archive for September, 2017

Creative DIY Ideas to Hide the Wires in the Wall Room

In rooms that have a lot of electronics, wires can be hard to hide. They can be unseemly and can destroy the look you are going for in the room. This is why so many people are turning to DIY ideas to hide those wires so that they are invisible or they do not mess with the decor. If you are struggling to wrangle wires in your home, we have some creative suggestions that can really work.

Wall Trim

Wall trims are a great way to to hide wires in the wall. They look elegant and can complete the wall while still allowing you to tuck all of those wires away. If this is something that you are considering, be sure to hire electricians Sydney, since it can be a complex process and you do not want to injure yourself or to damage your property with faulty wiring.

How To Create Retail Store Interiors That Get People To Purchase Your Products

Retail is detail. That is the oft-quoted wisdom among retail professionals when it comes to designing store operations. You only get one chance to win over a customer when they step into your store. It is, therefore, no surprise that creating a unique in-store customer experience that leaves a lasting first impression on a shopper is the holy grail of retail store design.

An attractive interior design is indispensable in not only enticing a customer to enter your store but also to get them to make purchases per trip.

Tips on Building an Attractive Retail Interior Design

• Large Window Displays

The goal behind designing a retail interior space is to attract shoppersinto the store. When a prospective walks by the store without any pre-meditated intention of entering in, the warm and colorful atmosphereinsideshooed be the main thing they see.
Human beings are visual creatures, and as such, a beautiful interior will trigger a subconscious choice to enter, even if it’s only to browse. Once inside the store, you can convert them into sales through offers designed to drive impulse purchases.

How You can Turn Your Back Yard into a Tropical Paradise

At this time of year, you’d be forgiven for forgetting all about your backyard. The temperature is cooling down, the trees are changing color and the holidays will be upon us before we know it. But, it’s actually the perfect time to turn your outdoor space into somewhere you love spending time in – particularly if you’re open to the idea of giving it a tropical theme!

Mecanoo wins Shenzhen North Station Urban Design competition

With a scheme of twelve staggering skyscrapers, an elevated pedestrian network and a beautiful green urban park, Mecanoo architecten has been named the winner of the urban design competition for the Shenzhen North Station business district. The 1,36 million square metres development encompasses offices, retail space, apartments and a hotel, integrated with Shenzhen North railway and metro station.

Mecanoo’s proposal aims to create a strong identity for the neighbourhood. The main buildings of the business district are set around a central urban park and vary in height between 278 and 428 metres. By situating the transportation nodes on the subterranean levels, the public park appears as an open green space, something the area currently lacks.


The Monroe Blocks, a Major Mixed-Use Development in the Heart of Downtown Detroit / by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

Located at the center of the spokes that connect greater Detroit, the Monroe Blocks development will have an impact far beyond its surrounding context, it will become a destination, an icon for the future development of Detroit. The new development will combine downtown Detroit’s first high-rise office tower in a generation with over 480 residential units.