Why You Should Always Factor In The Best In HVAC Tech

Jamie Whiffen

The HVAC – or heating, ventilation and air conditioning – sector, is having a good year on a company-wide basis and from a technology perspective too. Of course, the summer is a good time to look at the industry, as most architects and construction firms will be regularly reminded about the importance of having the best HVAC system you can get.

It’s also worth pointing out that the industry has performed well across the whole of 2017 so far – not just over the warmer, summer months. That’s thanks to an improvement in HVAC technology. And that’s something architects could inform their clients about.

Residential Thermostats and Controls are Improving

Expertise and usability, previously reserved for the big spending commercial sector is now creeping into the residential sector too. Sure, the luxury homes market has been a long-time beneficiary of the better system, but improving technology has begun to reach all sectors of the HVAC market, making it something that’s worth installing in to most homes.

Having an HVAC system that’s easy to use and regulate is a great selling point for any buyer at any level. That raises the importance of ensuring your design has the space and airflow configuration to allow home-owners to make the best of better HVAC systems that are now available to them.

Improved Tech is Pushing Up Costs

However, that improved usability comes at a cost. HVAC prices are rising, reflecting the better performance at the regular residential level. While that’s not always good news, the best systems will help boost a property’s value, so in many cases, will be a worthwhile expenditure for the builder and buyer.

The higher initial cost of HVAC systems is likely to ensure that HVAC maintenance firms are more in demand than ever. If there’s the option of regular maintenance to ensure your top of the range HVAC system is in good working order for years to come, then it’s a worthwhile cost for the home-owner. Every time.

Include the Right HVAC System as Standard

When you’re considering a design for a new or existing client, they will look to you for advice on many elements of their new property. While the aesthetics of a home are of course among the top details on the table, discussing the use of HVAC systems and how they can enhance their home is also a worthwhile topic.

That’s even more the case now, when performance is improving and prices are on the up. The best HVAC systems won’t just affect how comfortable their home is to live in, but its value too. Ensure your clients get the best possible home from the design to the finished product – including the air that flows through their new home-to-be.

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