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Contemporary Interior Designs

Renovation & Interior Design of a penthouse of 65 mq. / by Maurizio Giovannoni Architetto

© Mikko Ala-Peijari

Contemporary interior designs are perfect for anyone wishing to transform their home into a comfortable and welcoming abode. This interior décor style is growing in popularity mainly because of its versatility and ease of assimilation in any space.

Chances are you’ve heard about contemporary design but are hard-pressed to identify it from other interior décor styles. According to the dictionary, contemporary means belonging to or occurring in the present. Apply this definition to interior design, and contemporary refers to a style that is in vogue at any present moment. These designs are ever-evolving, and what might have been contemporary a decade ago is now outdated.

Contemporary interior designs are casual, sleek, and inviting. They give you the freedom to experiment and come up with a home that reflects your own personal style. Additionally, this style is incredibly adaptive, so it can blend well with others to create a truly unique interior for your home.

Contemporary interior décor for your home

While contemporary designs can make for some beautiful external spaces, the style really comes into its own when applied to interior décor. Here are some simple ways to create a contemporary interior for your home:

  • Dress your walls with art

    Nothing screams contemporary like artwork. Select a few pieces of oversized art by your favorite artist and put them up on various walls in your home. Opt for edgy graffiti-type wall murals instead of the common landscapes and still life paintings. Geometric or stenciled wallpaper can also work.

  • Change up your window dressings

    Forget about those lacy curtains and heavy drapes. If you want to create a contemporary interior, shutters are the way to go. You can take your pick from café-style shutters that only cover the lower part of your windows, or tier-on-tier ones that cover the whole length of your windows. These shutters can be custom made to fit any window size and shape.

  • Make use of clever storage solutions

    Shelves and traditional bookcases have no place in contemporary interior décor unless they have an unconventional design. Instead, make use of hidden, smart, or unexpected storage solutions. For instance, you could design a clever nook in one wall or have side tables with camouflaged drawers. Ottomans and benches with hidden storage spaces will also do the trick.

  • Incorporate reflective accents in your décor

    Your interior décor makeover would be incomplete without some contemporary accents. Here, you can go with either reflective accents such as glass and mirrors or metallic surfaces such as chrome and nickel. Shiny chrome surfaces work especially well in monochromatic kitchens as they add a touch of class.

  • Put up artistic lighting fixtures

    You need to select interesting lighting fixtures to really bring out your contemporary interior. One great tip is to choose bold artistic pendant lights in eccentric styles to act as the statement pieces in different rooms. These will draw the eye as well as create the right ambiance for any room that you choose.

As you create the perfect contemporary interior design for your home, make sure that you lend your personal taste to the pieces that you choose. It is your home after all, and you should make it as cozy and welcoming as possible.

Renovation & Interior Design of a penthouse of 65 mq. / by Maurizio Giovannoni Architetto