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What type of air conditioner is cheapest to run?


Air conditioning systems are used to keep rooms at the optimum temperature, whilst also filtering the air that you breathe, cleaning it from dust and other unwanted particles. They can be great for making your home more bearable to live in during the very hot summer months, but there are some things that you need to be aware of when making your purchase. For example, there are a few different types of air conditioner on offer, all of which can be purchased in varied sizes and maintenance needs.

This guide can get you started, but it’s always advisable to speak to a professional before putting any money down. This will ensure that you get a system that is suitable for you, that fits in your home, and that you’re happy with.

Integrated Units

These systems are more compact because the compressor unit is stored inside the control unit. The system can be moved from room to room easily, making them useful as and when you need them, however they can be very noisy.

Split Units

These are stored outside your home, ensuring the noise won’t affect you. These systems are larger and more expensive, and are also fixed in one place – so you will really need to consider if this is practical when buying your own unit. The larger models of these systems are considered better for business buildings as they won’t take up too much room or be a noise distraction.

Window Units

These systems are installed into your windows, and are used for single rooms. These units are compact, into one box, and are easier to install. These work in a similar way to the split units, where some of the apparatus is on the outside of your home.

Inverter Units

An inverter air conditioner unit allow you to control the speed of the compressor motor, giving you more variables to work with. You can adjust the room consistently to ensure that you are only using exactly what is necessary to keep the room at the right temperature for you and your family.

According to Can Star Blue, the cost of running an air conditioning system ranges from $0.11 to $0.75 per hour, depending on the system you use, and the size of the room. When buying your own system, it’s important to factor in the cost to run as well as the initial cost, to ensure that it is going to be something that you can afford long term. To calculate the exact cost, there has been a great guide completed at ASM Air.

Obviously the smaller, singular integrated units will be the cheapest to run, but if this isn’t going to be effective for you then it’s a waste of money. If you have bigger rooms that need more cooling, it might be better for you to think about the inverter units which put the control at your finger tips – that way you will only be using what you need.