Hot Home Improvements that Devalue Your Home

Home improvement is a hot topic right now. The TV schedules are full of shows where hapless families allow a team of experts to fix all kinds of problems and undertake a program of home improvements. Mostly this works very well – not least because the homeowner doesn’t have to pay out for the work – but sometimes the ‘improvements’ can go horribly wrong.
When it comes to selling a property, home improvements can add value and make it easier to find a buyer. Some people need a quick sale (click here if you fall into this category), but making the wrong choices could seriously jeopardise your chances of making a sale.

If you are thinking of selling your home in the near future, here are a few examples of what not to do.

Modern vs. Period

You cannot go too far wrong when you make common home improvements such as a new kitchen or designer bathroom, but it is important to avoid making any conspicuous changes that are out of sync with the style of the property. In some cases, a super modern extension on an old period property can work brilliantly. However, unless you employ a visionary architect to create the right ‘look’, it can all too easily turn an attractive property into an eyesore.

Shiny New Windows

Replacing old timber windows with shiny new plastic ones is a very common home improvement. On the face of it, plastic windows are energy efficient, smart looking, and a definite asset to a property. On the flipside of the coin, ripping out timber windows in a period property and replacing them with garish plastic windows is not going to do your home any favours. The same applies if you choose a budget window supplier to do the job. Cheap windows are cheap for a reason and are likely to start falling to bits within a couple of years.

Add a Bathroom

On the face of it, adding an extra bathroom is a no brainer. Most families will pay extra for a home with two or more bathrooms. As long as the job is done to a high standard, you really can’t go too far wrong. However, if you use an adjacent bedroom to create a nice bathroom, you are making a huge mistake. Bedrooms need to be large enough for a bed and furniture. Sacrificing half the space, or even the entire room, will devalue your home and make it much harder to sell.

Lurid Décor

Home décor is a very personal thing. Just because you love bright colours, it does not mean a buyer will have the same taste. In general, it is better to avoid lurid colours, artistic murals and textured wall and ceiling coverings. Instead, stick to neutral paint colours to appeal to the masses.
Always consider your options before making expensive home improvements. Unless you plan on staying in the property for several more years, make all home improvement decisions with a potential buyer in mind or you could end up losing money.