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Top Five Cities for Stunning Architecture


From colonial constructions to modern masterpieces, there some truly amazing examples of architecture around the world. Beautiful buildings can make you want to travel, and when you get there they will inspire you through genuine admiration. Here are five of the most spectacular places to go to be awestruck.

ValparaĂ­so, Chile


Situated around a two hour bus journey from Chile’s capital Santiago, Valparaiso is a sprawling mass of hills, lights and buildings on the west coast of South America,. Also known as the Jewel of the Pacific, the city was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003. Some of the main highlights of the cityscape include vibrant houses lining the narrow, labyrinthine paths, and the looming colonial buildings along the high street.

The White City, Tel Aviv


The White City in the Israeli capital of Tel Aviv is an astonishing array of over 4,000 international style, white buildings. The houses were built during the 1930s and 40s to accommodate the huge number of Jewish immigrants fleeing Europe during the war. Designed by German Jewish architects, many of whom were from the Bauhaus school, the minimalist designs and striking straight lines of the constructions are said to link together the ideas of form and function. The city is particularly stunning under the blue skies of the Tel Aviv summer.

Florence, Italy


Florence was the birthplace of the 14th century Renaissance movement, and today remains one of the art centres of the world. The architecture in the Italian city includes works from Greek and Roman periods and as well as Gothic examples, however, it is the geometric aesthetics of the early and late Renaissance periods that really draw the eye.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


When it comes to modern architecture, there are few places in the world able to compete with the rapidly changing landscape of Dubai. The city, located in the Emirate of the same name, is home to the world’s tallest building and the world’s only seven star hotel.

Barcelona, Spain


Both garish and beautiful, the architecture in the Spanish city of Barcelona transcends tastes. As well as unique, modern designs like the Mare Nostrum Towers, the bohemian region is also home to number of Antonio Gaudi creations, such as La Pedrera, and the captivatingly grotesque Sagrada Familia.

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