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Villa L – Paradox of Uniting Diversity / by Powerhouse Company and RAU

Villa L

Powerhouse Company, in close collaboration with RAU, recently completed Villa L. Designed to fulfil the desires and needs of a young family, Villa L is set in the woods of central Netherlands, fully oriented towards the sun and the views on the garden. Villa L is a spatially diverse residence where every floor has its own strong identity, creating a broad spatial spectrum within a unified whole.

M House Project in Bucharest / by Marcel Luchian

M House Project in Bucharest / by  Marcel Luchian

© Marcel Luchian Studio

The architect Marcel Luchian will present the M House residential project from the town of Singera (Chisinau), Republic of Moldavia at the third edition of GIS Architecture Expo Conference.

Remodel Your Home Before Putting It on the Market

House 3098 in Lantau Island, Hong Kong It’s no secret that homes aren’t selling as easily as in previous years. This economy is great for the home buyer, but not so hot for those who are looking to sell. Regardless of the reason you are looking to sell, it is probably a good idea to do some remodeling first.

Making upgrades will improve your chances of selling, while also increasing the listing price. No one wants to go upside down on a home. In an ideal world, we’d all make a profit on our home sale. Unfortunately, homes are selling for less these days and without renovations, you risk selling at a lower price, or potentially not selling at all.

The kitchen is where many families spend a lot of time. Having an outdated kitchen will likely make a potential buyer turn around before seeing the rest of the home. You don’t have to completely redo your kitchen, as it is unlikely a full kitchen remodel (costing tens of thousands of dollars) will ever give you the full return on investment that it would have 10 years ago. Instead focus on simple upgrades.

Replace cabinets, flooring and countertops, if needed. It is also a good idea to add in energy-efficient appliances. Going green is more popular than ever and this adds appeal to potential buyers who are concerned with environmental issues and energy usage.
The bathroom is another room that will turn off buyers at first glance. No one wants a dingy bathroom. Upgrading the medicine cabinet and replacing light fixtures are a quick fix that may do the job. If you have money in your budget, I would also recommend replacing shower doors, vanity and tile.