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Archive for April, 2013

The Interior of the 4th floor of La Rinascente / by nendo

© Daici Ano

The Rinascente department store is a Milanese icon, and one of the city’s faces. Our brief for the renovation plan for Rinascente’s women swear floor was to incorporate elements that would give visitors a tangible sense of the city. Our first move was to install 17 large windows, reminiscent of those seen around Milan, to function as subtle space dividers. Inspired by the unexpected encounters with shop windows, courtyard gardens and public squares that come from wandering Milan’s back streets, we applied a film to the windows to make them opaque when viewed from an angle but transparent when viewed directly.

Fit the Home Security Camera System with the Right Home

First things first: home surveillance systems serve many purposes aside from home security, as important as that is. Home owners nowadays install property cameras to monitor their home and check on elderly family members or watch over children. Businesses use surveillance systems to keep an eye on their inventory. Most new systems have remote access and real-time video streams that can surveillance as easy as the touch of a button. Archiving footage is important as well, home owners should be able to go back a couple of months on their video records if need be.

Be prudent in determining which home security camera systems are right for you. With all of the different uses, some systems fit certain customers better than others. Don’t buy a surveillance system that is too large in relation to the size of your home and purchasing a system too small will not cover the property well enough.

Home owners usually choose a wireless camera setup because it is easy to install and easy to relocate. Meaning the camera placement can be changed if need be. Surveillance systems usually come with a few cameras; many home owners add a couple more just to make their home more secure. A wireless system doesn’t give the messy look of complicated wires stringing through the home. Larger homes may want a wired system which can be connected directly to a DVR. Wired systems should only be installed if the cameras will be in a fixed position.

Siemens Office in Polanco / by Serrano Monjaraz arquitectos

© Pedro Hiriart

The project for the new corporate offices of Siemens in Polanco was done by Serrano Monjaraz arquitectos. One of the main objectives of the project was to obtain the LEED Gold certification and for this reason all the elements considered for the development of the project were selected with the adequate characteristics to achieve this goal.

Hospital Project in Sweden / by schmidt hammer lassen architects

Hospital Project in Sweden / by schmidt hammer lassen architects

schmidt hammer lassen architects has won the competition to design the 35,000 square metre extension to the Helsingborg Hospital in the southern part of Sweden. The competition was won in cooperation with Aarhus Arkitekterne, NNE Pharmaplan and landscape architects Kragh & Berglund. The project comprises a new ward for adult psychiatry, an out-patient clinic and medical laboratories. Key to the whole design has been flexibility, a clear layout, variety, human scale, green courtyards and optimal conditions for daylight.