Why You Should Consider a Moving Company for Your Local Move

Often when someone is making a local move they don’t consider a moving company, but they can save time and hassle. No matter where you live, or how nearby your new home, is a moving company is worth considering. Here are just a few reasons:

Time—Packing up a house can take weeks if you do it yourself, but an experienced moving crew can do it in a matter of hours. Strong, physically able movers can quickly move your heavy furniture like sleeper couches and your heirloom solid oak table. When planning your move consider how you will find time to pack and move—and what you may have to miss out on to do so.

Injury—Moving heavy furniture and even boxes yourself can cause injuries like strained muscles, pulled backs, and separated shoulders. Moving companies have workers who have the proper equipment to move heavy items and have the physical capacity to move a large amount of things, quickly and safely.

If Uncle Joe and Dad are willing to help out, that’s great—but do them both a favor and leave the heavy stuff to state-endoresed professionals like New York or St. Louis moving companies, depending on where you live.

Money—Moving companies can be pricy, but in the long run may be well worth it. Consider the cost of rental vehicles and equipment, gas, and packaging materials to do it yourself. Don’t forget to factor in your time—are you losing money by staying home from work to pack for two weeks? How about the family and friends you’ve asked to make up your DIY crew?

Damage—Grandma’s china cabinet, the china that was a wedding gift, and your prized artwork are apt to get damaged in a move if they aren’t handled properly. Moving companies have the packaging materials to safely pack and secure these types of items. They also carry insurance to cover any damage that might occur.

Moving companies bring years of experience in packaging and transporting even the most fragile, heavy, awkward or unusual items. They work fast and efficiently to move you across town in a matter of hours making them a very attractive service.

Moving companies offer several different options to suit your needs:

• Packing all your household items
• Packing part of your household items—perhaps only fragile or difficult to handle items
• Loading of the moving truck and securing items for transport
• Driving of the moving truck to the new location
• Unloading of items

Now, you’ve probably heard horror stories about moving companies destroying property, but surveys show that customer satisfaction is high for most experiences with moving companies. If you research the company and take the time to read the reviews you should have no problem finding a competent, friendly, and affordable mover in your area.

Even if you are a DIY’er, think about all the better ways to spend your time and creative energy—like decorating your new home!

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