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Help yourself Sell your Home Quick


In the UK, an average property takes more than nine weeks to sell according to agency Houstrack. In addition, the average property only brings in 93 per cent of its original asking price. Despite these depressing statistics and the fact that we are in a down economy, it is still possible to utilize a few tricks to sell your house faster than average and for the asking price and above. You can prepare your house for the market with a few simple things which will turn it into a home which is irresistible to potential buyers.

1. Depersonalize
When people come to view a home, they want to imagine themselves living in it. The last thing people want to do when buying a new home is wander about the people currently living there. It is off putting and distracting, therefore, pack up all your family heirlooms and photographs. Put them away in a closet somewhere out of sight.

2. De-clutter
When you live in a property for any length of time most people have a tendency to accumulate a lot of things which they do not really need. Get rid of it! If you have not used something, whether it is an item of clothing, a bag or some nick-nack for more than a year, the chances are that you will never use it. Get rid of old clutter like this. Give it to charity or throw it away. Either way, get it out of the house. |You will be surprised by how much space you can save just by clearing out old junk.
Clear the kitchen counter
Stack dishes neatly in cupboards
Organize your spice rack
Clear book shelves
Tidy up cupboards and wardrobes.

3.Get Storage
Clear the house of any unnecessary furniture. You want the corridors and rooms to be clear enough so that people can walk around easily, but with enough furniture so that they can see what the purpose of each room is. If you have empty bookshelves after clearing them, put them in storage. The same goes for any unnecessary side tables and stools which may be cluttering up the space. All rooms should feel light, airy, clean and cozy without feeling too personal to the person living there.

4.Clean and Fresh
Ensure that the property is clean inside and out and fix any minor repairs like leaky taps and cracked walls. Scrutinize your house before you contact any agents. Make it smell divine by putting bread in oven when people come to view.

5. Sell it Quick
Finally, if after all of this, you still struggle to sell, consider contacting a company such as for example which specializes in buying homes quickly and easily.