3 Types of Modern Architecture for Homes Today

Condo Canal Lachine / by c3studio Designing a home can give you the opportunity to create a home that is unlike any other in the neighborhood. Whether you love the openness or large windows that modern homes have to offer, you can turn your dream into a reality when you have a sense of what makes a home “modern.” You do not have to etch out your own design of a home in order to create a modern home.

You can work with an architect and builder in order to create the home that you have always envisioned for yourself. An architect will be able to pen out the vision of your home and make it a reality for you. Here are some of the typical designs that are found in modern homes today.

1. Whitewash Surfaces

Whitewash surfaces are becoming a huge trend in cities like Los Angeles. If you want to see the types of homes that celebrities with a taste for modern architecture own, then you need not look further than cities like Palo Alto or Hollywood Hills. You will see plenty of homes that have a whitewash surface that makes it evident these homes were designed by a renowned architect.

2. Unique Spacing

The random use of spacing is another characteristic of modern homes. Modern homes have a certain rhythm in the columns and cantilevers that are used in the construction of the home. The idiosyncrasies of a home are what give it that extra “modern” appeal. Wide open spaces are also very common in modern homes. If you find that you need to clear out some furniture in order to create a modern home, consider renting Charlotte or a local space near you in order to achieve your dream.

3. Angular Woodwork

The overlapping of wood planks is another common example of characteristics found in modern homes. When a home has overlapping wood planks on the exterior, it simply looks gorgeous and contemporary. These types of homes usually have a rectangle or square shape. They are very angular.

These are some of the most common modern architectural themes that you can find in homes today. You no longer have to be a millionaire to have the joy of owning a modern home. You can find homes on the market that are embracing the visions of modern architects like Frank Lloyd Wright. Take a look around at the modern homes on the market, and you will surely have some fun seeing the unique designs out there.